Abstract Paintings

What are Abstract Paintings

Abstract paintings top the most loved paintings list in the entire world. Every office, reception, hotel, waiting area doctor’s clinic and every office place you go you are sure to find at least one abstract painting there.

Abstract paintings are unique and have a unique motive behind them. Every person looking at the same abstract painting can see a different thing and perspective, each angle of an abstract painting gives every onlooker a different view. Often in museums, art galleries, or art shows you would see someone staring at an abstract painting for a long time that is because abstract paintings encourage reasoning and thinking of a person.

You can never understand what the artist has tried to portray through his work in the first glimpse in case of abstract paintings, the longer you stare at it the more you will think about it and interpret it in different ways. We at MFPA understand how important the décor of your waiting areas, reception, office spaces is, and we also understand how difficult it is to choose something for your office spaces.

Hence, we bring to you a beautiful, thoughtful and unique range of abstract paintings which will add to the beauty and aesthetics of not only your office but also home décor.

Buy Abstract Paintings Online

These abstract art paintings are not only unique, beautiful and thought provoking but also very special too! And what makes these paintings even more beautiful are the efforts behind them, artists of Mouth and foot painting artists have either recreated some masterpieces of history giving the painting their own twist or creating a new masterpiece all by themselves, these artist are not common people but superheroes with unimaginable talent and zeal to inspire the world.

These beautiful paintings have been created by MFPA artists who have painted these amazing pieces of art using either their mouth or foot to paint. The MFPA artists are unique because these are a group of people who have lost their hands or the ability to use them either due to an accident or a birth deformity, MFPA trains such artists and our unique MFPA superheroes with unimaginable zeal and talent are born. These MFPA paintings are ready to hang.

In these challenging times, we know how important it is to stay home hence we bring to you an opportunity to shop our range of MFPA abstract paintings and much more from the comfort of your home.
Without stepping out of your safe environment, you can select your choice of Indian art painting and we will get it delivered to your doorstep safely. Mouth and foot painting artists bring to you an exclusive collection of Indian art paintings to add to the beauty and aesthetics of your home or office spaces. It is said that home reflect the minds of the people who live there and what more could one want than showing how beautiful your mind, is reflected through these paintings.

Best Abstract paintings from India

Some of the best abstract painters are from India. India is a hidden warehouse of talent! Here we have people with multiple talents and capabilities. You can find some of the best abstract artist here India and also some of the best abstract paintings from India.

A few of the of Indian artists who are admired for their abstract art and their works are widely celebrated are, Kavita Jaiswal, Mona Rai, Ravi Mandlik, Sachin George Sebastian, Bose Krishnamachari, and many others. A few of the most loved and celebrated abstract art paintings from India are Wave Of Life by Mana Sethi, Realizing Solitude by Ekta Sharma, We Cannot Be Separated – II by Anni Kumari, Colour Of The Universe X by Sumitava Maity, Udaan1 by Ratna Prasad and many more!

Types of Abstract Paintings with IMFPA

We at IMFPA bring to you very different and unique type of abstract paintings to shop from!

  1. Abstract tree paintings- You will find a lot of abstract paintings which if you look closely will resemble the trunks of trees, or the leaves forming a unique pattern etc. you are sure to find such artistic and beautiful paintings here at IMFPA.
  2. Abstract human figure paintings- Many abstract paintings if noticed closely will show human figures or a single figure amidst a beautiful chaos of colors.
  3. Abstract still life paintings – one of the most common themes of abstract paintings at IMFPA is still life abstract paintings. These paintings have still life objects painted in an abstract manner and come out beautifully in these IMFPA abstract paintings. Do check them out!
  4. Abstract composition paintings-abstract composition paintings at IMFPA are paintings where the composition is painted in an abstract manner.
  5. Abstract animal figures. If you look closely these paintings, will show animal figures in beautiful aspects.
  6. Abstract bird flights sometimes birds are shown flying in a colorful sky and similar such ideas are used to portray abstract bird paintings.
  7. Pictorial abstracts- pictorial abstracts are another form of abstract paintings available with MFPA. SHOP TODAY!
  8. Abstract landscape painting- abstract landscape paintings are one of the most popular forms of abstract paintings. Landscapes are painted using a variety of shapes and colors which gives a beautiful visual output!
  9. Abstract miniature art paintings- these type of abstract art consist of paintings that have a composition of tiny still life objects or other miniatures forming a beautiful abstract painting.
  10.  Abstract color splash paintings- the favorite, most sold and most loved abstract painting type. These type of paintings have splashes of different colors on the canvas. The look vibrant and eye catching!

Abstract paintings to add aesthetic value of a place

These abstract paintings are ready to hang. They complement your interiors be it your home or office spaces. Abstract paintings are usually hung in waiting rooms, receptions, office room and corridors in offices and in drawing and living rooms in homes. If you were looking to re-decorate your home or office spaces and were such for things to add to aesthetic value then your search ends here!

You have a wide range of MFPA abstract paintings beautiful paintings by IMFPA artists that will leave every onlooker thinking and guessing about the amazing and different perspectives of the painting.

History of Abstract Paintings

Abstract art has its origins within the 19th century. Abstract art, also referred to as nonobjective art or nonrepresentational art, painting, sculpture, or fine art during which the portrayal of things from the visible world plays no part. All art consists largely of elements which will be called abstract—elements of form, colour, line, tone, and texture. Before the 20th century these abstract elements were employed by artists to explain, illustrate, or reproduce the world of nature and of human civilization—and exposition dominated over expressive function. Wassily Kandinsky is considered the pioneer of European abstractionism.

Abstract art has its origins within the 19th century. The amount characterized by so vast a body of elaborately representational art produced for the sake of illustrating anecdote also produced variety of painters who examined the mechanism of light and perception. The period of Romanticism had recommend ideas about art that denied classicism’s emphasis on imitation and idealization and had instead stressed the role of imagination and of the unconscious because the essential creative factors. Gradually many painters of this era began to simply accept the new freedom and therefore the new responsibilities implied within the coalescence of those attitudes. Maurice Denis’s statement of 1890. Decorate your home or office spaces with these beautiful abstract paintings and get everyone guessing!

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