Customer Testimonials

  • N J Jail

    "Your paintings are extremely outstanding. All of them have a fantastic creative ability. I have no words to record my earnest appreciation and to express my noble sentiments."

  • Rev. James A Gomez, St. Thomas Church

    "Congratulations!! In a vast country like India, these artists may actually get lost in a crowd but your effort of promoting their artistic abilities will go a long way in encouraging them and building their lives"

  • Yasmeen Shaikh

    "I appreciate these beautiful paintings created by the artists with their mouth and foot. They have indeed grown wings, in the absence of arms."

  • Col IN Khanna

    "I received my calendar. Every painting (artwork) is amazing and excellent. Their dedication speaks for itself."

  • Anil Mehta

    "I like the cards which are made by your artists. they are beautiful and I also use them on many occasions!!"

  • K U Somaya and Family

    "We’ve been receiving your calendar and cards religiously for the last 10 years. We admire the amazing work done by the gifted artists, it’s beautiful!"

Kids Books

Reading is one of the most important habits to develop in kids. And for the kids to read books happily and willingly the books the read should be interesting for them, only then will they want to read the book. Reading books is one of the best habits in any person. It improves ones withhold on the language; it improves reading and writing skills.

Reading also teaches children how to use their time for a productive activity. Reading useful and good books shapes a child’s thinking and imagination. Reading is a very positive and good activity and parents should encourage children to read from a young age.

Kids books to read

Usually kid’s attention span is lower than that of an adult’s hence they lose interest faster than a grown up that proves that whatever activity we try to introduce them to it is very important that it grabs the attention of the kids very soon otherwise they will not continue it.

Kids’ books are a different genre altogether these kids books mostly have colorful pages, many pictorial representations, bigger and fancy font and very are colorful. The language used in kids books is different too, shorter and easier words are used for the better understanding of the child.
A few of the most famous and most kids books are comics, short stories collection, fairy tales, adventure tales, books on cartoon characters, animal stories etc.

A few of the most famous kids books are

1.Little Kids First Big Book of Animals (National Geographic Kids) by Catherine D. Hughes
2.First Space Encyclopedia (DKYR)First Space Encyclopedia (DKYR)First Space Encyclopedia (DKYR)
3.little Kids First Big Book of The Ocean (National Geographic Kids) by Catherine D. Hughes (Author), National Geographic Kids (Author)
4.George’s Marvellous Medicine George’s Marvellous Medicine (Dahl Fiction) Quentin BlakeRoald Dahl, Quentin Blake
5.The Tiger Who Came to Tea Judith Kerr
6.The Magic Finger (Dahl Fiction)The Magic Finger (Dahl Fiction)The Magic Finger (Dahl Fiction) Quentin Blake
7.Moby Dick Novel by Herman Melville
8.Disney Princess Storybook Collection
9.Winnie-the-Pooh Book by A. A. Milne

Kids book online

Children’s Activity Books is set of 6 books, a complete package of kids books offered by MFPA for your kids to start with their basic.
The first book in this collection teaches the kids numbers from 1-20, the second book teaches the children numericals till 50, and the third book teaches your kids numbers uptill 100.
The forth book teaches capital letters, the fifth small letters and the sixth book two and three letter words! This is a complete basics collection for your kid!

1.Let’s Play with Alphabets – Capital Letters

‘Let’s play with alphabets’ workbooks by MFPA- this is a single kids book which teaches the kids all capital alphabets. It is very important to get your kid’s basics right from the beginning. This book is a must have for your kids. It will get your concepts right and through from the very start. Lay strong the foundation of your kids and they will go a long way.

2.Let’s play with Alphabets – Small Letters

This kids book teaches your kids all the small alphabets. It is very important that the child learns while playing and he/she doesn’t get stressed because of it. These colorful and attractive books will surely grab your kid’s attention and he/she will learn all the small alphabets while playing and will make your work easier!

3.Let’s Play with Alphabets 2-3 Letter Words

After learning capital and small letters your kid will naturally grow curious to join them and form small words. This book is exactly for this! This book will help your kid learn to join the alphabets he/she learned and make small two to three letter words.

4.Let’s Play with Numbers 1-100

This is math workbook which make math fun for your kid. With the help of this book your kid will learn numbers from 1-100 thoroughly and your kids will fall in love with math!
Numbers are now fun with this lets play with numbers book by MFPA. This is the ideal book for your kid if you want to lay a strong foundation for them.

5.Let’s Play with Numbers 1-20

Is a math beginner workbook for your kid that will help you each your kid numbers from 1-20 the fun way! This book is a must have for your kid if you want him to get his or her basic right and easily.
This fun way of learning is offered by MFPA. Start your child’s education with this amazing fun learning book.

6.Let’s Play with Numbers 1-50

This is a math workbook for kids which will help you teach your kids numbers from 1-50. This is an advanced book of the 1-20 workbook. You can make your kids easily learn these basic numbers before they go to school so they stay ahead in their class.

Scientific research on reading books for kids.

It’s an undeniable fact that more than listening children remember what they write and learn for longer periods. Hence when they will learn their basics with these workbooks by writing they will have a strong foundation.
A study of K-12 student reading habits demonstrated that six extra minutes of reading on a daily basis can turn a struggling reader into one who meets or surpasses their grade’s benchmark.
Those students who read 15 minutes or more on a daily basis, about 46% of students, made accelerated reading gains.

Third grade students who are “proficient” in reading are almost five times more likely to graduate high school than their peers with “below-basic” reading skills. 82% of sixth graders who fail an English class don’t graduate high school

62% of kids (ages 6–17) in a 2016 survey by Scholastic said they enjoy reading books over the summer.
Now you can order online these books for your kids and teach them at home easily! Shipping and delivery of our MFPA products is done with utmost care and with trusted partners. MFPA offers you a range of kids books that are a must have for your kid’s strong foundation.
What makes our MFPA products so special? MFPA’s uniquely talented artists! These MFPA products have been reproduced from paintings by our special and uniquely talented MFPA artists who have lost their hands or the power to use them as a result of either an accident or birth deformity. MFPA trains these specially abled and uniquely talented individuals to draw and paint breath-taking art and sells this art to sustain their livelihood.

Indian Mouth and Foot paintings artists is an organization that supports individuals MFPA is an international organization and it has a beautiful presence of 30 artists who make beautiful paintings and are under the constant support of the organization. MFPA is an organization that runs with the motto ‘self-help not charity’.

Kids Books Price
Children’s Activity Books (Set of 6) ₹495
Let’s Play with Alphabets – Capital Letters ₹98
Let’s play with Alphabets – Small Letters ₹98
Let’s Play with Alphabets 2-3 Letter Words ₹98
Let’s Play with Numbers 1-100 ₹98
Let’s Play with Numbers 1-20 ₹98
Let’s Play with Numbers 1-50 ₹98

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