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  • N J Jail

    "Your paintings are extremely outstanding. All of them have a fantastic creative ability. I have no words to record my earnest appreciation and to express my noble sentiments."

  • Rev. James A Gomez, St. Thomas Church

    "Congratulations!! In a vast country like India, these artists may actually get lost in a crowd but your effort of promoting their artistic abilities will go a long way in encouraging them and building their lives"

  • Yasmeen Shaikh

    "I appreciate these beautiful paintings created by the artists with their mouth and foot. They have indeed grown wings, in the absence of arms."

  • Col IN Khanna

    "I received my calendar. Every painting (artwork) is amazing and excellent. Their dedication speaks for itself."

  • Anil Mehta

    "I like the cards which are made by your artists. they are beautiful and I also use them on many occasions!!"

  • K U Somaya and Family

    "We’ve been receiving your calendar and cards religiously for the last 10 years. We admire the amazing work done by the gifted artists, it’s beautiful!"

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year


Christmas is just around the corner and so is the festive season, and along with it brings lovely Christmas greeting cards and goodies and the festive atmosphere. And this season of Christmas just like any other Christmas season brings along with it lots of happiness and prosperity. Any festival is made special by the sharing of happiness with friends and family and specially the season of Christmas is all about giving and receiving! With the tradition of ‘Santa Claus’ giving gifts to the children the gifting season is truly a celebration in many households.

Whether you do celebrate Christmas or not a simple and aesthetic Christmas greeting card that wishes the best for you and your family is sure to bring a smile on anyone’s face! MFPA brings to you a range of beautiful Christmas greeting cards that are painted by our uniquely talented artist that have painted a breathtaking design on these Christmas greeting cards for you to make this Christmas and new year extra special for you and your loved ones. Christmas greeting cards with best wishes for your lovely families and friends are a perfect Christmas greeting card by themselves or something to accompany Christmas gifts this season.

These Christmas greeting cards are an ideal way to keep in touch with family, friends, and important people in your life. These Christmas greeting cards wish you loved ones a Merry Christmas and happy New Year. Of all the festivals and holidays of the Christian calendar, Christmas remains the most celebrated and most popular festival. Gift giving and family celebration that marks the season towards the end of the year, the celebration begins in the middle of December and celebrates Christmas specifically on the 25th of December and gets over after celebrating the welcome of the new year.

Historically, Christmas commemorates the birth of Jesus of Nazareth to a young maiden from Galilee. Theologically, Christmas is the celebration of the incarnation of God in Jesus the Christ, the self-revelation of God to the world in human form for the reconciliation of humanity to Himself.

The traditions surrounding the celebration of this season are almost as numerous as the people who celebrate it. Through the years, the holiday has been adapted to local customs, culture, and history and then has produced an incredible kind of Christmas traditions around the world. Some, such as the giving of gifts or the use of a star, arose directly or indirectly out of the biblical nativity stories. Some, like the legends of St. Nicholas, have their origin in church history, historical fact that became legendary because it was embellished in story.

Others, like the usage of evergreens and also the Yule log, have pagan origins but were transformed into distinctively Christian traditions. Others, like the utilization of a crèche or caroling, arose first as local traditions in certain countries or regions that became widely adopted. And still others, such as, reindeer, elves, the North Pole , etc., have largely secular origins and are only loosely related to the holiday in popular imagination or marketing techniques.

Christmas is one amongst the most important days of the Christian year, second only to Easter itself. It is the feast of the incarnation, the feast of God becoming flesh (the Latin “in carne” means “enfleshment”). It is a uniquely Christian teaching, the Divine choosing to become one among us. Because of this belief, God isn’t only Transcendent, but also wholly Immanent, Emmanuel (God-with-us). While remaining Transcendent (meaning we must rise above our present condition to reach Him), He is at the same time Immanent (meaning He is with us as we rise toward Him). Every Eucharist is like Christmas where the bread and wine are transformed into His flesh, His Body and Blood, and, during a sense, he is born anew on the altar.

The liturgical season of Christmas begins with the vigil Masses on Christmas Eve and concludes on the Feast of the Baptism of the Lord. During this season, we celebrate the birth of Christ into our world and into our hearts, and reflect on the gift of salvation that’s born with him…including the fact that he was born to die for us.

The Christmas tree and the Nativity scene are popular symbols of the season and a practice in many Christian homes. It is also traditional to exchange Christmas gifts and Christmas greeting cards with family and friends as how to honor God the Father’s gift of his only son to the world. Having received the gift of Christ, we naturally want to pass that gift along to our loved ones.

Christmas greeting card ideas

A Christmas greeting card is a greeting card sent as part of the traditional celebration of Christmas in order to convey between people a range of sentiments, love and wishes related to Christmastide and the holiday season. Christmas greeting cards are usually exchanged during the weeks preceding Christmas Day by many people (including some non-Christians) in Western society and in Asia. The traditional Christmas greeting reads, “Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year”.

There are innumerable variations on this Christmas greeting card, many Christmas greeting cards expressing more religious sentiment, or containing a poem, personal wishes or greetings, prayer, Christmas song lyrics or Biblical verse; others focus on the general holiday season with an all-inclusive “Season’s greetings”. The first modern Christmas greeting card was by John Calcott Horsley.

Christmas wishes, messages and quotes

A Christmas greeting card is generally commercially designed and purchased for the occasion of Christmas. The content of the design might relate directly to the Christmas narrative with depictions of the Nativity of Jesus, or have Christian symbols such as the Star of Bethlehem or a white dove representing both the Holy Spirit and Peace.

Many Christmas greeting cards show Christmas traditions, such as seasonal figures (e.g., Santa Claus, snowmen, and reindeer), objects associated with Christmas such as candles, holly, baubles, and Christmas trees, and Christmastime activities such as shopping, caroling, and partying, or other aspects of the season such as the snow and wildlife of the northern winter. Some secular cards depict nostalgic scenes of the past such as crinolined shoppers in 19th century streetscapes; others are humorous, particularly in depicting the antics of Santa and his elves.

Christmas greeting card designs

Advances in digital photography and printing have provided the technology for many people to design and print Christmas greeting cards with amazing variations, using original graphic designs or photos, or those available with many computer programs or online as clip art, as well as a great range of typefaces. Crowdsourcing, is just another trend enabled by the Internet, has allowed thousands of independent and hobbyist graphic designers to produce and distribute holiday cards around the world.

Many businesses, from small local businesses to multi-national enterprises, send Christmas greeting cards to the people on their customer lists, as a way to develop general goodwill, retain brand awareness and reinforce social networks. These Christmas greeting cards are usually discrete and secular in design, and do not attempt to sell a product, limiting themselves to mentioning the name of the business. The practice harkens back to trade cards of the 18th century, an ancestor of the modern Christmas greeting card.

Many organizations produce special Christmas greeting cards as a fundraising tool. The most famous of these enterprises is probably the UNICEF Christmas card program, launched in 1949, which selects artwork from internationally known artists for card reproduction. The UK-based Charities Advisory Trust gives out an annual “Scrooge Award” to the cards that return the smallest percentage to the charities they claim to support although it is not universally well received by the Christmas card producers.

Significance of exchanging Christmas greeting cards

Many people send cards to both close friends and distant acquaintances, potentially making the sending of cards a multi-hour chore in addressing dozens or even hundreds of envelopes. The greeting in the card can be personalized but brief, or may include a summary of the year’s news. The extreme of this is the Christmas letter. Because cards are usually exchanged year after year, the phrase “to be off someone’s Christmas card list” is used to indicate a falling out between friends or public figures.

You can buy these Christmas greeting cards in bulk and send it all near and dear ones leave no one“off your Christmas greeting card list” this merry season! MFPA offers you a range of Christmas greeting cards that are sure to impress and convey the love you have for your family and friends. Here you are sure to find a perfect Christmas greeting for all, be it for your family, your colleagues, your friends, classmates etc. We have something for everyone.

This Christmas season Mouth and foot painting organization brings to you a range of beautiful Christmas cards which are not only unique but very special too. What makes our Christmas greeting cards so special? MFPA’s uniquely talented artists! The print on these Christmas greeting cards has been reproduced from an ingenious painting by our special and uniquely talented MFPA artists who have lost their hands or the power to use them as a result of either a birth deformity or an accident. MFPA trains such individuals to draw and paint breathtaking art and sells this art to sustain their livelihood.

Indian Mouth and Foot paintings artists is an organization that supports individuals MFPA is an international organization and it has a beautiful presence of 30 artists who make beautiful paintings and are under the constant support of the organization. Don’t miss out this beautiful range of Christmas greeting cards offered my MFPA this festive season and jingle up your life!

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