Birthday Cards

Customer Testimonials

  • N J Jail

    "Your paintings are extremely outstanding. All of them have a fantastic creative ability. I have no words to record my earnest appreciation and to express my noble sentiments."

  • Rev. James A Gomez, St. Thomas Church

    "Congratulations!! In a vast country like India, these artists may actually get lost in a crowd but your effort of promoting their artistic abilities will go a long way in encouraging them and building their lives"

  • Yasmeen Shaikh

    "I appreciate these beautiful paintings created by the artists with their mouth and foot. They have indeed grown wings, in the absence of arms."

  • Col IN Khanna

    "I received my calendar. Every painting (artwork) is amazing and excellent. Their dedication speaks for itself."

  • Anil Mehta

    "I like the cards which are made by your artists. they are beautiful and I also use them on many occasions!!"

  • K U Somaya and Family

    "We’ve been receiving your calendar and cards religiously for the last 10 years. We admire the amazing work done by the gifted artists, it’s beautiful!"

Birthday Greeting Cards

Birthdays are special not just because they come only once year of course but mainly because it is the one day in the calendar at least that person deserves all the love and care. A birthday card is a card that expresses love and wishes, personally given or sent to a person to celebrate their birthday.

It can be individually or can be an accompanied with a gift or flowers. Birthday card traditions vary by culture and country. Birthday greeting cards are the most popular greeting card that are sent and account for than 60 percent of all greeting cards bought by people. Birthday cards are an important part of most cultures, including, American culture.

online Diwali greeting card selection is designed to capture the essence of Diwali, and we These birthday greeting cards deliver different meanings, both on a personal and cultural level. Sending a card to someone can create a sense of well-being for the receiver, it reminds of how loved they are and makes their day even more special. When you invest some time in personalizing a birthday greeting card, writing a personalized message for them, they will definitely notice your effort.

Happy Birthday Wishes

The traditional way of sending good wishes by birthday greeting cards wishing someone a great year ahead and blessing them for their future endeavors will always be many people’s favorite. Many people still love the idea of a birthday greeting cards and some fresh flowers greeting them in the morning on their birthday more than an e-card.

Birthday greeting cards ideas

Nowadays, sending a birthday message through social media might seem like an easier option than sending a loved one a birthday greeting card, but by sending them an e -message is not as special as a physical card. Most of us are totally dependent on technology in our daily lives and use it to communicate and keep in touch with others. This should not, however, mean that you should send your family members or friends an impersonal e-card. Personalized birthday greeting cards are a wonderful addition to a gift or a solo sweet little surprise. You can add a handwritten note to wish them an unforgettable day and make their day even more special. Personalization is what is missing from an online e- message.

No matter what your online post says, it simply cannot match up to what you could have written in a personal card and personally given or sent. A personally sent birthday greeting card also shows that you have spent the time and effort to go out and purchase it for them and have put in some effort to show that you care for them, instead of simply sending them an e-message.

Birthday greeting cards are a sentimental gift in itself, they can be looked back on for years to come and can be preserved as memorable treasures. Transcending time, one can look at birthday greeting cards from family and friends who are no longer a part of your life. A sweet symbol of each birthday that you have forever. We often take loved ones for granted and often forget how little things become memories later and regret the number of physical items we have from someone to remember them by and birthday greeting cards from MFPA will be the most treasured memories.

Yes, a social media message might remain on your timeline forever, but is it really a sign that you simply took the time and effort to remember someone’s birthday? Even if it’s an extended message crammed with emoji’s it simply doesn’t match up to the happiness that they’re going to get from opening a personalized card that you just have taken the time and effort to send. Arriving on their doorstep on or before their birthday, it will undoubtedly put a smile on their face, which a web message definitely can’t replicate.

A Facebook post or an e-message could be fine for those that you aren’t great friends with, but it shouldn’t be used for people who play a very important role in your life, they deserve a little love and care on their special day. If a loved one’s birthday is coming up, MFPA’s birthday greeting cards are the best choice to remind them how loved they are.

Birthday cards for everyone

If you are thinking that birthday greeting cards sound too traditional in this new age of e-mail and instant messaging, compare your own situation of receiving an e-message on your birthday from a friend and receiving a surprise birthday greeting card from another, the second situation is sure to get you all excited and lift your mood, than an e-message. The effort that you put in buying a birthday greeting card for someone brings indicates that somebody cares enough about them to spend the time to choose out and send a special message. Whether it’s a birthday, anniversary or a special recognition or occasion, it’s bound to bring a smile to anyone’s face. An E-mail would be difficult to make an equivalent emotional response.

The sincerity and comfort of a birthday greeting cards can express emotions you cannot easily express. Annual birthday greeting cards sent to family and friends allows you to stay In touch with them and reminds them that you still care for them even if you are far. MFPA birthday greeting cards expresses all the human emotions, joy, thankfulness, sympathy, humor, love, apology, admiration or simply, good wishes.

Sending personalized greeting cards from MFPA allows you an enormous variety of sentiments that express your care to family, friends, customers, clients and employees.

You can also select birthday greeting cards that are plain on the inside, and take a few moments to express your love for the person by adding a personalized note. The person receiving the card will love it!

So, the next time you are confused between shooting off a quick e-mail or sending an actual card, you’ll want to ask yourself which one conveys the type of message, love and warmth you wish to convey. These beautiful birthday greeting cards by MFPA make for your perfect surprise gift for your mother, father, sister, brother, friends and all family members.

Birthday greeting cards messages and quotes

Just like you care for your family at home it is very important that your office family too feels the same connection and love for you. Sending birthday greeting cards to your employees on their birthday gives you a great opportunity to show them that you appreciate the work that they do for you and your business. It will also lift your employee’s morale just knowing that you cared enough to remember them and improves efficiency too.

Sending birthday greeting cards is definitely a sweet way of communication. When you receive a card from a loved one or a relative who lives far away, it shows that they still remember your birthday and that you continue to mean a lot to them. Keeping in touch with them is undeniably important and a special birthday greeting cards in return are one of the ways to retain the bond that you have with them. They also give an authentic touch. Personalized birthday greeting cards express far more warmth than a lazy Facebook post which anyone can easily do with just the click of a button.

Birthday greeting cards designs

When you purchase MFPA birthday greeting cards, it shows that you have thought about that individual person, paying attention to the style of card and message within it. With so many different styles of cards available, there is bound to be one that suits them and your choice too.

MFPA offers you a range of unique and beautiful Birthday greeting cards that are sure to impress and convey the love you have for your family and friends and which can also be treasured for ages. Here you are sure to find a perfect Birthday greeting cards for all, be it for your family, your colleagues, your friends, classmates etc. We have something for everyone.

For this special occasion Mouth and foot painting organization brings to you a range of beautiful birthday greeting cards which are not only unique but very special too.

What makes our Birthday greeting cards so special? MFPA’s uniquely talented artists! The print on these birthday greeting cards has been reproduced from an ingenious painting by our special and uniquely talented MFPA artists who have lost their hands or the power to use them as a result of either a birth deformity or an accident. MFPA trains these specially abled and uniquely talented individuals to draw and paint breathtaking art and sells this art to sustain their livelihood.

Indian Mouth and Foot paintings artists is an organization that supports individuals MFPA is an international organization and it has a beautiful presence of 30 artists who make beautiful paintings and are under the constant support of the organization. Don’t miss out this beautiful range of birthday greeting cards offered by MFPA and remind someone how loved they are!

Birthday Greeting Cards Price
Blossoms ₹295
Butterflies & Roses ₹295
Flower Bouquet ₹295
Happy Day ₹295
On Your Day ₹295
Rosemallows ₹295
Time to Toast ₹295
To You ₹295

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