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Get ready to discover a wide range of stationery items online

Are you searching for excellent stationery items that can enhance your study table, workspace, or add a personal touch to your greetings? You've reached the perfect spot. At MFPA, we invite you to explore our fantastic selection of carefully curated stationery items available for online purchase.With just a few clicks, you can order stationery online and have it delivered to your doorstep.

Supporting Artists with a Unique Story

Looking to conveniently buy stationery online? You're in the right place at MFPA. Our stationery items are special because they're made by artists who faced tough times. All artists at MFPA faced challenges such as not being able to use their arms due to reasons like accidents, illness or birth defects. But they didn't give up on their dreams. Instead, they learned to paint using their mouths or feet. It's incredible how they turned challenges into beautiful art.

Buy Stationery Online

Join our community of satisfied customers who regularly order stationery online for their personal and professional needs.
Here are a few reasons why you should choose our online stationery items:
We offer secure payment options to ensure a seamless experience when you order stationery online.

Top-Quality Stationery:

Our collection includes a diverse range of excellent items, carefully crafted to suit your requirements and available for easy order stationery online. Each stationery item reflects our firm commitment to quality.

A Variety of Stationery Items:

Whether you need items such as notebooks, greeting cards, or elegant gift envelopes, our selection is extensive and ready for ordering stationery online. Here, finding what you want is easy.

Convenience of Buying Stationery Online:

Our online store makes order stationery online a breeze. You can easily look through our selection, pick what you want, and order it from your home.

Stationery Items for All Ages:

We provide a diverse selection of stationery infused with creativity and artistic flair, catering to everyone from kids to the elderly and available for convenient order stationery online.Whether you're a student or a professional, our stationery items online suit all age groups and purposes.

Office Stationery Items for Productivity:

In addition to our diverse selection, we offer a range of office stationery items designed to boost your productivity, all just a few clicks away for ordering stationery online.

Ordering Stationery Online is Easy

Ordering from MFPA is a straightforward process. With just a few clicks, your favourite items will be on their way to your doorstep, ready to enhance your workspace or bring joy to your correspondence. It's a hassle-free way to order stationery online.Our stationery items list includes everything you need for your workspace.
Stationery items are not just tools for writing; they are the silent companions of learning and creativity, pivotal in every school and educational endeavour. What sets these stationery items apart is the remarkable story behind their creation – they are lovingly crafted by mouth and foot painting artists who have overcome unimaginable obstacles. Their unwavering willpower shines through each stroke of their art, turning stationery into living testaments of resilience and inspiration. When we embrace buying stationery items online, we celebrate not only their utility but also the indomitable spirit of these artists.
For schools, stationery items are not mere supplies; they are instruments of knowledge, vehicles for expression, and the canvas upon which dreams are nurtured. When students use these special stationery items, they infuse their learning journey with a deeper meaning, connecting with the incredible stories of the artists who crafted them. It's a powerful lesson that education goes beyond textbooks – it's about empowerment, determination, and the unbreakable human spirit.
So, let's remember that every pencil, notebook, or greeting card we buy online represents an opportunity to support these artists and their unique vision.

What stationery items are available online?

Our online store offers a wide collection. Discover the latest trends in stationery design and order stationery online to stay ahead of the curve.
Greeting Cards
Birthday Cards
General Cards
Diwali Cards
Christmas Cards
Gift Envelopes
Gift Tags & Bookmarks
Kids' Books

Certainly! Here's a brief, heartfelt description for each of the listed items, all available for quick and easy order stationery online.


A well-organised year leads to a well-lived life. Stay organised and inspired all year round with our beautifully designed calendars, available for order stationery online.

Greeting Cards:

Sending a card is sending a piece of your heart. Share love and warm wishes with our beautiful greeting cards, perfect for every heartfelt moment and available for order stationery online.

Birthday Cards:

Each birthday is a gift of joy and new beginnings. Celebrate life's special moments with our birthday cards, filled with joy and well wishes, ready to order stationery online.

General Cards:

Every day offers a chance to show appreciation. For those everyday moments that deserve appreciation and connection, our general cards speak volumes, available for order stationery online.

Diwali Cards:

Diwali serves as a reminder that even during the most challenging times, there's always a spark of hope. Light up the festival of Diwali with our cards, spreading the joy and togetherness of the season, all available for order stationery online.

Christmas Cards:

In the spirit of giving, let's give our best selves to the world this Christmas. Share the magic of the holiday season with our Christmas cards, filled with warmth and cheer, ready to order stationery online.

Gift Envelopes:

Presentation is the first gift you give. Make your presents extra special with our stylish gift envelopes, available for order stationery online.

Gift Tags & Bookmarks:

Small touches make the biggest impact. Add a personal touch to your gifts and reading adventures with our charming gift tags and bookmarks, all ready for ordering stationery online.

Kids' Books:

Open a book for kids, open a world of imagination for them. Foster a love for reading in young hearts with our engaging kids' books, where imagination takes flight, available for order stationery online.

Our commitment to quality shines through our stationery items list, ensuring that when you shop for stationery online with MFPA, you're choosing outstanding products from our stationery items list. As mentioned above, our stationery items list includes a wide selection, from calendars and notebooks to greeting cards and gift envelopes.Stay organised and inspired by browsing our stationery items online, including calendars and journals. We make it simple for you to shop for stationery online. Our user-friendly stationery online store allows you to easily browse our stationery items list, pick your favourites, and order them from the comfort of your home. With a transparent stationery items list with prices, you can plan your online purchase effectively. Your choice to shop for stationery online from our stationery items list also supports talented artists who have overcome challenges to create these beautiful items. Join us in this meaningful journey of empowerment, make a difference, and shop for stationery online from our stationery items list at MFPA today.

Why buy stationery items from MFPA

WArt is the voice of the soul, and nothing can silence it.
Each product is a reflection of the artistry and imagination of our talented creators. They pour their hearts into crafting these items, ensuring every detail is perfect. As you explore our offerings, you'll discover not just items but a world of inspiration waiting to be uncovered, and you can easily order stationery online to bring these inspirations to your doorstep.When you purchase stationery items online from MFPA, you support talented artists and their incredible creations.
Looking to enhance your workspace or add a personal touch to your greetings? Look no further – at MFPA, we offer an incredible opportunity to purchase stationery online from our extensive stationery items list. Our stationery items list features a diverse range of quality products that cater to your every need. When you shop for stationery online with us, you're selecting excellent items from our stationery items list. Whether you're in search of notebooks, greeting cards, or elegant gift envelopes, our stationery items list has you covered. We believe in making it easy for you to buy stationery online, so you can effortlessly browse our stationery items list, select your favourites, and have them delivered right to your doorstep. Join our community of satisfied customers who regularly purchase stationery online from our stationery items list and experience the convenience, variety, and quality that Mouth and Foot artists has to offer.

Order Stationery Online at MFPA

Explore our online store today and experience the joy of acquiring exceptional items while making a meaningful impact on the lives of incredibly talented artists.
Beyond the beauty of our items, lies a significant purpose. When you choose to buy from MFPA, you're not just getting quality items; you're joining a noble mission and supporting artists worldwide. Your purchase is more than just shopping; it's a step towards their independence and creativity, and it's easy to make this meaningful choice when you order stationery online. You're not just buying; you're igniting their artistic journey with every choice you make. Your support brings joy, fulfilment, and inspiration to their lives. Join us in this meaningful journey of empowerment and make a difference when you order stationery online.
Your choice matters, and together, we create a brighter and more beautiful world when you order stationery online.

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