Customer Testimonials

  • N J Jail

    "Your paintings are extremely outstanding. All of them have a fantastic creative ability. I have no words to record my earnest appreciation and to express my noble sentiments."

  • Rev. James A Gomez, St. Thomas Church

    "Congratulations!! In a vast country like India, these artists may actually get lost in a crowd but your effort of promoting their artistic abilities will go a long way in encouraging them and building their lives"

  • Yasmeen Shaikh

    "I appreciate these beautiful paintings created by the artists with their mouth and foot. They have indeed grown wings, in the absence of arms."

  • Col IN Khanna

    "I received my calendar. Every painting (artwork) is amazing and excellent. Their dedication speaks for itself."

  • Anil Mehta

    "I like the cards which are made by your artists. they are beautiful and I also use them on many occasions!!"

  • K U Somaya and Family

    "We’ve been receiving your calendar and cards religiously for the last 10 years. We admire the amazing work done by the gifted artists, it’s beautiful!"

Desktop and Wall Calendars 2024

As 2024 is approaching soon, it is a perfect time to buy a calendar to plan the new year in style, putting the old year behind. The new year will bring a lot of positivity and hope to all.
The Calendars by MFPA are an excellent choice, as they are not just calendars; they are art calendars! Both wall calendars and desktop calendars are of great quality and sturdy. The calendars feature amazing paintings created by artists using their mouth and foot. At MFPA, we proudly support artists who have overcome challenges. All these artists couldn't use their arms due to accidents, birth defects, or illness. The paintings by mouth and foot artists are digitized and reprinted on our calendars, bringing the essence of these remarkable creations to your daily life. Every fold on the calendar displays inspirational and positive quotes, providing a dose of motivation.

Desktop calendars include a daily planner for jotting down to-do lists, noting important events, birthdays, anniversaries, and celebrations. The calendars by MFPA enhance the decor of your tables and work desks, radiating elegance that brings a sense of calm and positivity. The desktop calendars showcase 12 different paintings by 12 specially-abled artists from around the world.

We ensure timely delivery within 5 working days, partnering with the best delivery services to guarantee the safe arrival of your orders. Bulk orders and gifting orders are encouraged, with attractive bulk discounts available. We are a top choice for corporate gifting, and our desk calendars are not only super affordable but also a fantastic gifting option.

The perfect time to buy a calendar is at the end of the year. As December approaches, people start planning for a new beginning, a new year filled with new plans, thoughts, and ideas. To maintain a high spirit throughout the year, purchasing a calendar with motivational quotes is a perfect choice.

Looking ahead to 2024, our calendars will continue to inspire and bring positivity into your daily life.

Desktop calendars 2024

Desktop calendars 2024 serve as indispensable tools for organization and productivity, ensuring you stay on top of your schedule. The convenience of having a desktop calendar lies in its accessibility – a swift glance allows you to grasp your monthly or weekly agenda. In the workplace, desktop calendars play a crucial role in time management, aiding in prioritizing tasks and boosting overall efficiency. Whether it's project deadlines, client meetings, or personal appointments, the desktop calendar keeps everything in clear view.

Desktop calendars 2024 not only serve as organizational tools but also contribute to mental well-being. The act of regularly updating and referencing your calendar can stimulate cognitive functions, promoting a healthier and more active brain. By engaging with the calendar, you exercise memory recall and attention to detail, which can enhance overall mental acuity.

The visual representation of your schedule on a desktop calendar provides a structured and predictable environment, reducing stress and promoting a sense of control. The act of setting and achieving small goals, such as meeting deadlines or completing tasks, can contribute positively to mental health by nurturing a sense of accomplishment. Moreover, the vibrant and inspiring artwork or motivational quotes often featured on desktop calendars can act as daily affirmations, uplifting your mood and promoting a positive mindset. The combination of visual stimuli and the act of planning can contribute to reduced anxiety and increased mental resilience.

The regular use of a calendar can become a mindful practice, encouraging you to stay present and organized in both your professional and personal life. Overall, desktop calendars are not just tools for productivity; they contribute to a holistic approach to mental well-being and cognitive health.

Wall Calendars 2024

Wall Calendars 2024 by MFPA offer a perfect way to welcome the new year. These calendars showcase beautiful paintings by renowned mouth and foot artists from around the world, enhancing the beauty of your walls.

These wall calendars are suitable for both home and office use, adding an elegant touch to your room or workspace. The 2024 Wall Calendars make a great gift for family, loved ones, business associates, and colleagues. MFPA calendars are widely recognized and cherished globally, known for their quality and captivating artwork.

The design of the MFPA wall calendar is classy and beautiful. Each page features stunning paintings created by artists using their mouth or feet, making the calendars not only a timekeeping tool but also a showcase of unique artwork. The calendars are reasonably priced, and there's an option for a bulk discount, making them accessible to a broader audience. Enjoy affordability along with the opportunity for discounts when purchasing in larger quantities.

Buy Desktop and Wall Calendars from MFPA

Wonder why you should choose MFPA? Here's a clear answer!

MFPA is a beacon of hope. We empower and uplift artists who, despite losing their limbs, transform into accomplished painters through training. These confident artists use their mouth and foot to craft awe-inspiring paintings, showcasing not only skill but also the profound self-confidence that defines their artistic journey.

These masterpieces, brimming with emotion, are digitized and brought to life on merchandise that will captivate your heart. From kids to adults, there's something for everyone in our collection, allowing you to indulge in delightful merchandise while supporting a noble cause simultaneously.

Your choice to purchase from MFPA is a powerful decision. With each calendar you buy, you're investing in dreams. These purchases serve as a lifeline for artists and their families, contributing to a journey of resilience and creativity.

As you flip through the pages of our calendars, envision the stories behind each stroke of paint – tales of determination, courage, and the triumph of the human spirit. Join us in this artistic adventure, where every purchase echoes with the melody of support and empowerment. Make your choice count, and let MFPA calendars inspire your days with art, purpose, and the joy of making a difference.

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