Mounted canvas with easel

Mounted Canvas

Every nook and corner of the house speaks volume about the family that lives there. The interiors choices the decoration, colors, tapestries, and furniture tell a lot about the choices for the family. Each house is decorated in a different way some opt for a minimalist and vibrant setup whereas some rely on vintage and classic decorations.

What every the reign or look you choose, it is a well-known fact that each corner needs to be decorated well. And we at MFPA bring to you a grand decoration item which enhance your entire setup. Now you can get a variety of a Mounted Canvas with Easel to decorate to bright up the lonely and dark corners of your home.

Buy mounted canvas frame

With a click of a button you can now buy our mounted canvas frames with have been digitally printed in high quality by a beautiful and breathtaking painting done by our MFPA artist either by mouth or feet. These beautiful paintings come printed on high quality canvas and mounted on an easel. You can now decorate these in your drawing room and the guests will not be able to look away from it!

You can now look through our range of mounted canvas frames to decorate the empty spaces in your home. These mounted canvas frames will not only perfectly compliment your interiors but will also enhance the entire look of your home. Order from the MFPA website and get these delivered at your doorstep avoiding all the chaos of shopping struggles and difficulty in finding something that perfectly matches your taste. Buy MFPA mounted canvas frame and complete your interiors with a feather in the cap.

Mounted canvas frames with IMFPA

IMFPA is an organization that trains specially abled people to paint. These people have lost either their hands or the ability to use them due to a birth deformity or an accident. MFPA trains such artists to paint with their mouth or feet so that they can live an independent life of self-respect by earning a living.

And what makes these paintings even more beautiful are the efforts behind them, artists of Mouth and foot painting artists have either recreated some masterpieces of history giving the painting their own twist or creating a new masterpiece all by themselves, these artist are not common people but superheroes with unimaginable talent and zeal to inspire the world. MFPA artists who have painted these amazing pieces of art using either their mouth or foot to paint have created these beautiful paintings. These mounted canvases are ready to be put in your office or home, it change the look of the entire set up giving it a grand look! Set up a majestic and grand affair with these royal looking mounted canvases with easel.

Why Mounted Canvas?

The biggest benefit of decorating your home or office with these beautiful is that will add a grand and aesthetic spark to your entire set up with absolutely zero efforts. These mounted canvas paintings with easels will give our office spaces also a grand look. For the empty spaces or corners, you did not know how to fill this is the solution!

Decorating any room with paintings means adding a spark of brightness and color to it. Without things like paintings, and other decorations your home or office will have a very boring approach and interiors. A spark of color, and freshness is very important in every room.

Once you get these beautiful canvases mounted on easel and decorate it in your home or office all your guests are sure to be around that only. No corner of your home or office will be dull after getting an MFPA canvas mounted on an easel.

Who is this for?

These mounted canvases with easel are the perfect décor for your home or office. In your home these mounted canvas with easel can be put up in drawing rooms to give a grand look, they can even be put up in master bedrooms, hallways and entrance areas etc. In offices, it is very important to impress your clients, partners, customers etc. by your office and hence giving your office a majestic look is very important.

You can put up these beautiful canvases with easel at the reception, in corridors, in waiting rooms, conference rooms etc. You have a range of subjects to choose your paintings from, landscape paintings, abstract paintings, nature paintings, paintings of transportation, animals and birds, for children, devotion, fantasy, figurative, floral, Indian art, sketches, sports, paintings of gods and goddesses etc.

We offer you a wide range of topics to choose from, whatever you a nature lover or a devotion person, an abstract painting lover or artistic still life, we have got it all! These beautiful paintings are painted by very talented MFPA artists and their earning from your purchases help them lead an independent and respected life in which they can fulfill their own needs. These mounted canvases with easel are also perfect for gifting purpose. If you are a client, you can gift it to your service provider or company and they are just going to love it.

Mounted Canvas with Easel Price
Majestic ₹1595
Kathakali Dancer ₹1595
Mother Teresa ₹1595
Twilight Colours Shimmering off a Waterfall ₹1595

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