Why should you buy a stole?

On hearing the word ‘stole’, generally an image of a plain scarf dangling from a woman’s neck comes to our mind but a stole is so much more than that. Despite being a piece of cloth simply folded into a loop, it enhances the beauty of any outfit, making it look couture. They are symbolic of elegance, sophistication and simplicity. A stole adds a sense of luxury clothing to the outfit.

Women’s Stoles with MFPA

MFPA brings to you a wide range of stoles, including options for every weather. They are fit for almost every occasion, whether it is a casual brunch with friends or a formal dinner with your family because they have some sort of magical effect on every outfit. These MFPA women’s stoles are not only unique but very special too. What makes our stoles so special? MFPA’s uniquely talented artists! The print on these stoles has been reproduced from an ingenious painting by our special and uniquely talented MFPA artists who have lost their hands or the power to use them due to a birth deformity or an accident which has left their hands un-usable. MFPA trains such individuals to draw and paint breath-taking art and sells this art to sustain their livelihood.

Indian Mouth and Foot paintings artists is an organization with a motto of ‘self-help not charity’ and also strongly believes in its motto too. IMFPA is an international organization and it has a beautiful and unique presence of 30 artists who make beautiful paintings and are under the constant support of the organization.

Every time you pick up an MFPA product you are going to be super proud and happy because buying from MFPA artists you have supported then in living a an independent life and the cute and beautiful painting on the mug is sure to leave a smile on your face!

Stoles for girls

They are not restricted to a certain age category. Young girls can wear them over a tank top and women can style them with a lehenga. The designs are well thought out and prevent the stoles from getting monotonous. They enhance every outfit and push the creative boundaries of fashion.
The best part of our stoles
The stoles are 100% polyester twill. The material can be washed effortlessly with any regular detergent, proving the stoles’ congeniality. Despite wearing it for hours, the material does not make one uneasy or suffocated. They make every outfit unique and are available at the best prices. They are easy to carry and do not occupy a lot of space in purses or wardrobes.

Types of stoles

The stoles are available in five distinct designs, namely, Colours of Joy (embedded with vibrant colours, imparting a chic look), Enchanted Forest (a timeless design symbolising sophistication), Festive Sparkle (a celebration of summer, serves as a sight for sore eyes during the scorching heat),Shades of Spring (it is the living proof for the fact that there is beauty in simplicity and justifies that nature is elegant and has a soothing effect on one’s mind) and lastly, Wings of Freedom (portrays free birds and serves as an encouragement to soar high and pursue one’s passions). Each design is exceptional and is inculcated with various colour schemes and patterns, providing a personality of its own to each stole, giving a new and fresh look to every outfit.

Stoles Online

No matter the weather or occasion, one will always find the right stole at MFPA. If the winter breeze is taking over the atmosphere and shivers are running down one’s spine due to the chilliness in the weather, the Enchanted Forest stole is just perfect. Not only does it protect one from the cold but also adds a touch of elegance and sophistication to the outfit.
When nature is at its peak of beauty, that is, the colours of spring have loomed into the surroundings, adding life to every tree and creature, nothing can be more fit than the Shades of Spring stole draped around one’s shoulder. It serves as a style-statement as it complies with the beautiful weather.
Summer heat somehow manages to be pleasant and intolerable at the same time. The cool colour combination of the Festive Sparkle stole provides respite to the eyes. It evolves a wave of freshness to the viewers and makes the heat tolerable and somewhat beautiful.
Without colours, the world is as dull as being stuck in traffic for hours without Wi-Fi. The truth to this statement is brought out by the Festive Colours stole. The colours are so lovely that they make us realise how mundane our life will be without colours.
Blue and pink are just colours to one until they see the Wings of Freedom stole. The highly eye-catching colour combination used to make free birds is an amazing artistic expression, beautifying any outfit.

Stoles Designs

Stoles are timeless, that is, they never run out of style. They are a feasible option of enhancing the beauty of an outfit. They also are styled to suit one based on their style of dressing. They help add a whole new dimension to clothing. They can be pinned to a kurti or just be left hanging from the side. If one wants to go for a French look, stoles can be tied around the head. Stoles are a unisex item of clothing and when styled with pantsuit, they work wonders. They add life to a boring and mundane outfit. Imagine MFPA’s Festive Sparkle stole draped around a khaki dress, the combination is indeed beautiful. Nevertheless, stoles help their wearer to attain a reputation of sophistication and undying elegance.

Ways of Styling This Versatile Clothing

The common phrase ‘make or break a look’ is often used for stoles. Therefore, styling it correctly is essential.

Jewellery must be picked out accurately, for the incorrect pair of earrings might end up transforming the look of the outfit from classy to odd. Draping stoles like a shrug or a tank top is one of the most popular ways of styling a stole. Another chic and trendy way is to spread the stole around the T-shirt and fasten it with a belt. With this outfit, one can add life to any outing. Speaking of belts, if regular clutch belts get too monotonous, a stole can also act as a substitute accessory. It can bring about a vintage charm to ordinary denim. If one pleases a unique way of protection from the scorching heat, a stole can be braided to form a scarf. This brightens up a scarf-look and makes stepping out of the house with a cloth on one’s head fashionable. Black dresses have no chances of running out of style but a new way to sparkle up a dress is always welcome and appreciated. A radiant stole can be draped over a black dress and buckling it with a bejewelled belt will bring out a whole new dimension to the outfit.

History of Stoles

Many may consider stoles to be a clothing item that originated in the 1900s. This assumption is incorrect. Shocking as it may seem, studies say that stoles originated around the 6th century. It was first thought to be of Jewish origin but today, historians regard them to originate from a liturgical napkin, namely, Orarium.

They were initially used by the women as shawls to be draped over their shoulders. They were also used in the pre-Roman Italic region by priests, during holy rituals. Stoles were then adopted by various locales. They were such an influential form of fashion that they were adopted by the Roman Catholic Church. Stoles slowly loomed their way into becoming a sign of dignity. They were embedded with more intricate, delicate and ornate designs.

It was a garment used as a mark for social hierarchy. It was used as a designation for a specific rank or organisation. Only people with high profile occupations had the right to wear stoles. It was symbolic of ministry but as times changed, the value of stoles began to lean towards fashion rather than hierarchy.

Technical Specifications

Being made of polyester, stoles are extremely comfortable, without losing a fashionable touch. The material is easy to wash and one must not necessarily use branded or expensive detergents to clean this garment. They are one of the most convenient forms of garments since while travelling they will not take up much space. They also serve as a stylish means of receiving respite from the heat. They are intricately designed with vivid colours and patterns and their versatile uses and styling options for one stole are worth every penny.

Timeless Garments

As stated before, stoles have originated in the 6th century and were used as a mark for authority and served as a status symbol. Being an artefact of such historical value and being a part of almost every fashion cycle, stoles are a must have clothing.

Stoles with MFPA

MFPA provides one of the most unique ranges of stoles. MFPA, being an organisation with the aim of empowering artists who either have disabled hands or have lost them, believes in self-help, not charity. The tremendous amount of love, thought and passion put into crafting each stole is evident. Therefore, these stoles give out extremely optimistic vibrations and it is difficult to select which one to purchase for each of the five options is beautiful on its own. Lastly, the most important and practical benefit of purchasing a stole from MFPA is that the stoles are pocket friendly and are worth every penny spent.

Stoles Price

MFPA offers an elegant range of beautiful stoles at affordable prices.

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