The Mouth and Foot Painting Artists is always looking for new artists, either already painting to a good standard, or seeking to develop their artistic skills. Any potential candidates wishing to join our group must though, as our name suggests, be unable to use their hands while painting because of disability. All applications matching up to his important criterion would then be reviewed by the organisation to establish suitability for joining the Association and the level of financial support they would be prepared to provide to develop the artist.

Many disabled member artists of the MFPA have found the opportunities provided by the organisation have enabled them to live a life beyond their wildest dreams. One such person is Manoj Bhingare, a leading Indian mouth and foot painting artist who lost his hands in a tragic bus accident at the tender age of just ten. He says “If I could make a successful living despite being physically challenged, so can you. I am fortunate to have become a member of MFPA. They are extremely supportive and have provided me with a means to live my life free of any charity”.

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If you would like to find out more about becoming an artist with the MFPA contact us at:

Mouth and Foot Painting Artists
A-401 Dipti Classic, Suren Road, Andheri East, Mumbai – 400093

Tel: 91-022 -40098877
Email: [email protected]