Marthe-Angele Janssens

Mouth Artist



Marthe Angele Janssens was born tetraplegic and confined to a wheelchair. She was born on February 21 1937 in Heikruis. She nevertheless attended primary school and a school for housekeeping, where she learnt to draw with a pen in her mouth. She became passionate about mouth painting and perfected her technique in home courses and private painting lessons. For ten years she studied with a well known Belgian sculptor. In 1967 she received a scholarship from the Association and in 1971 she became a full member of the VDMFK. Her never ending wish to educate herself enriches her life. For several years she has taken lessons in portraiture.

Marthe Angele Janssens paints in oil and watercolours and her favourite subjects are landscape, expressive cloud formations and celestial atmospheres. Her oil paintings are characterised by great artistic sensitivity. In water colour she paints flowers and distant snowy landscapes. Marthe Angele Janssens has exhibited her works in Brussels and taken part in group exhibitions at home and abroad. She further more illustrated five books on poetry for children and three for adults which were written by Jean-Louis Vanham. She also gave drawing lessons to 8 to 10 year olds in a local primary school. She has already opened a second painting studio.


Marthe-Angele Janssens