Anjona Malik

Foot Artist


Anjona Malik


Anjona Mallik was born without hands and a paralysed leg on 1st January 1986 in Uttar Pradesh. She later migrated to Rishikesh with her family. Hailing from a poor family, she could not continue education further than her primary school. So she ended up becoming a beggar and started writing God’s name on a sheet of paper with her working foot. In the year 2016, Stephanie from USA motivated Anjona to try painting with her foot. She also gave Anjona basic training to paint with her foot.

Later, Anjona worked to perfect her skill with her hard work. Anjona joined MFPA as a student member in 2022. Today Anjona is a loved foot artist in Rishikesh. She has painted more than 150 paintings in the last 4 years. Her paintings vary from Ganesh, Krishna, Shiva, to flora and fauna and picturesque landscapes.
She has been covered by leading publications like Amar ujala, Times, Logial Indian, Your Story and many more.