Dhan Kumar Lama

Mouth Artist


Dhan Kumar Lama


Mr. Dhan Kumar Lama, born on 08 August 1974 in Teesta Valley, Darjeeling District of West Bengal, dedicated his life to serving in the Indian Army. During his active military duty, he faced a life-changing event when he sustained a Spinal Cord injury, leaving him paralyzed from the portions below his neck, with no bladder and bowel control. Following his retirement, he found solace and support at the Paraplegic Rehabilitation Centre in Khadki, Pune, where he has been undergoing extended Rehabilitation.

In June 2021, driven by his passion and determination, he discovered a new outlet for his creativity at the rehabilitation centre – mouth painting. This newfound form of expression brought immense joy and exploration into his life, allowing him to delve into an art form that he had never known before. Alongside his passion for painting, Mr. Dhan Kumar Lama possesses a remarkable talent for singing songs.

Throughout his journey, he has been supported by his loving family. Embracing painting has added an entirely new dimension of fulfillment and happiness to his life, bringing him a sense of purpose and contentment that he wholeheartedly enjoys.
He joined MFPA as a provisional artist on June 2023.