Lidia López

Mouth Artist


Lidia López


Born on March 13, 1970, in Mexico, Lidia de Jesús Cháidez López is the oldest of seven brothers. She led a normal life until the age of thirteen when she met with a car accident. As an effect, she fractured her spine at the height of the cervical 4-7 with spinal compression affecting the movement and sensation of arms and legs. At first, it was very difficult for her and her family, adding to it the enormous indifference and social discrimination she faced as a differently-abled. Lidia always liked drawing even as a child and at the age of sixteen, she drew with her mouth for the first time.

She continued to draw and make a few paintings until in the last year of the university she was invited to enter as an intern at Mouth and Foot Painting Artists and became a scholarship holder since 1998. Lidia now teaches painting for people with disabilities, especially those who cannot do it with their hands. She has received awards for her artistic and work performance from social and governmental institutions that have been personally significant.