Mariam Paré

Mouth Artist


Mariam Paré


Mariam Paré was born on 1 December 1975 in Morocco. She was critically injured in a shoot-out and became paralysed from the chest down (Tetraplegia C5). Before the accident, she was studying the history of art and had a vocation for art. In occupational therapy, she was introduced to mouth painting. Nine years have gone by since then and the artist is still intent on making progress. Mariam has taken part in a number of exhibitions. She also designs her own cards, gives interviews and continues to paint and create art.

Mariam works on interesting themes through various techniques, mostly traditional oil painting and modern mixed media techniques. Mariam’s been a part of MFPA since 2006. As Mariam’s involvement in the art and disability community grew, she began to share her messages of perseverance with audiences all over the world through TV appearances, news segments and in print publications. She says, “Through art I have immense freedom.”