Markus Kolp

Mouth Artist


Markus Kolp


Markus Kolp was born on 18 February 1966 in Augsburg. In November 1982 he was in a traffic accident which left him Tetraplegic (C4) and as a result of which his one leg had to be amputated. For therapeutic reasons, he was advised at school to use his mouth for painting. He took great interest in it and was his hobby during school life. He was quick in making progress. “When I focused on the coloured watercolour paints, it was for me like I was in a whole different world, a world in which I could leave all my physical and emotional problems behind,” he says.

He became a Scholarship Member in 2004 and later an Associate Member in 2011. Markus’s favourite themes include flowers and landscapes which he paints using watercolour and acrylic techniques. He has held solo and group exhibitions.