Roberto Zomero

Mouth Artist


Roberto Zomero


Born on 12 January 1957 in Milan, Roberto Zomero suffers from quadriplegia as a result of birth trauma and can, therefore, make no use of his upper or lower limbs. He began his schooling at the age of six, successfully completing primary and secondary school despite his disability. He then attended the painting and ceramic courses at the “Gaetano-Negri” school in Milan. He followed this by gaining admission to the “Brera” Academy of Art, completing his studies with distinction. In 1986, Roberto Zomero was given a scholarship by the Association, which enabled him to concentrate more intensively on mouth painting. In 1990, he moved to a small village in the province of Cremona.

It is here that he finds the stimuli for his paintings every day and is able to immediately transfer the motifs to the canvas. His preferred subjects are flowers and landscapes. In 2000, he became an Associate Member of the AMFPA. As a result, he has been able to participate in numerous exhibitions in Italy and abroad, one of the consequences of which was regular press reporting about Roberto Zomero.