Ummal Kuls

Foot Artist


Ummal Kuls


Ummal Kuls was born on 20th April 1988, without hands and her feet were disproportionate. She soon learned to draw and paint with her feet. Even in her childhood Ummal was independent and did her day-to-day tasks by herself with a little help from her family. She had to discontinue her education in the second standard as she found it difficult to walk to school and her family was financially not in a position to arrange for her transportation.
Ummal has painted more than 500 pictures and has made more than 5000 paper seed pens.
After a lot of struggles and her situation forcing her to leave her passion for art, Ummal kept coming back to it as she found her peace and happiness in colours and paints.

With the help of Green Palliative, Ummal got connected to a new colourful world of opportunities. She lives in Palakkad a district of Kerala. Her artworks spread the message of reducing plastic usage. She hence proves that nothing is impossible for a willing and brave heart by overcoming her limitations and hurdles of life with an innocent smile.
Ummal plans to start a training center for widows and differently-abled and also work for women empowerment in her native village.
Ummal Kuls has been a member of the Mouth and Foot Painting Artists (MFPA) since 2022.