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A lot of people yawn even at the thought of looking at their desktops. They say desks remind them of books, files, works, assignments and all sorts of other boring works. But what if your desk too looked not less prettier than any other corner of your home.

What if your desk was attractive, colourful, vibrant, and welcoming? Yes, you can make this dream come true with MFPA’s desktop painting range. MFPA brings to you an entire collection of breath taking paintings which can be used to decorate your desks at home or office. Now no desk will be boring!

Desktop paintings with IMFPA

These paintings are even more beautiful because of the efforts behind them, artists of Mouth and foot painting artists have either recreated some masterpieces of history giving the painting their own twist or creating a new masterpiece all by themselves, these artist are not common people but superheroes with unimaginable talent and zeal to inspire the world.

These beautiful paintings have been created by MFPA artists who have painted these amazing pieces of art using either their mouth or foot to paint.
The MFPA artists are unique because these are a group of people who have lost their hands or the ability to use them either due to an accident or a birth deformity, MFPA trains such artists and our unique MFPA superheroes with unimaginable zeal and talent are born.
Now you can shop MFPA’s range of desktop paintings on the website and it will be delivered at your doorstep.

Range of desktop paintings with IMFPA

  1. A drop of water – is a painting that will not let you look away from your desktop. ‘A drop of painting’ is a beautiful painting of a drop that rests on a flower petal. The vibrant petals of the flower are add a spark of brightness to your desk and will instantly attract the attention of anyone looking at the desk.
    The crystal clear drop is another masterpiece which will be highly appreciated by all.
  2. An Emperors Tribute- is the painting of the beautiful Taj Mahal that was built by the Mughal king Shahjahan for Mumtaz Mahal his beloved wife as a token of his love. This beautiful desktop painting truly captures the essence of this marble beauty in this desktop painting frame.
  3. Ancient Voyages- is a very charming painting of a ship on sail. The blue water and the blue sky is calming and will give you a hope every time you look at it. The contrasting boat colors look lovely against the blue background and foreground against the colored boat in the middle ground.
  4. Autumn Date- gives you a glimpse of how the world is during autumn. The picture has a beautiful fresh, contrasting color scheme. The picture shows beautiful green, red and yellow leave trees which look very attractive to look at. The scene is unforgettable once you have a glance at it!
  5. Autumn N horses- is a very attractive and beautiful paintings to decorate your desk with.
    This picture portrays a number of horses against a green and yellow meadow. This is a breathtaking beauty and everyone is going to love it!
  6. Basket of Daisies-is pretty painting of a basket full of daisies. It is colorful, and will look very nice on your office desk! Order it today to refresh your desk with this lovely bunch of daisies.
  7. Blooms n Butterflies is another picture of beautiful flowers. Vibrant, young and refreshing! Bring these to your desktop to make it alive again. Give a refreshing spark to your desk. This painting also has some lovely butterflies flying around the pretty flowers.
  8. Breaking Dawn is a beautiful painting of a ship sailing on water at dawn. The dawn light reflects on the water and the entire scene becomes unforgettable. Your desk will look very beautiful with the desktop painting ‘breaking dawn’ decorated on it.
  9. Bridge on River Thames- one of the most loved, bought and famous paintings of all time. ‘Bridge on river Thames’ portrays the iconic and very artistic bridge built on river Thames in this painting. This painting will add a classy look to your desk!
  10. Fluent- is a lovely refreshing landscape picture which is a must have for a visual treat! Green mountains and grass, tall treats, and blue water, the perfect scene to dream of when you want to escape work.
  11. Hot Air Balloon In a Field is a vibrant picture of a large hot hair balloon passing between two green mountains. The hot air balloon’s color scheme is extraordinarily attractive! Lovely to decorate your desk with this.
  12. Naiads Abode is a little glimpse of paradise. The banks of a river are seen in the picture, the perfect place to escape your Monday blues or work mess from! Very soothing and calming color scheme. This desktop painting will make your desk unforgettable for anyone who looks at it!
  13. Pristine is a beautiful painting to decorate your desk. Everyone who looks at your desk is sure to ask you about this lovely masterpiece. This is lovely painting of a river, snowcapped mountains and tall green trees.
  14. Secluded Bay is a lovely painting consisting of little hut by the river and a small boat is also seen floating in the blue waters. It is colourful painting and very attractive too.
    Lovely scene to look at! Green, blue, yellow, this painting has a refreshing lovely color scheme.
  15. Silent Night is a painting of a lovely scene on a snow covered night. The painting is beautiful and doesn’t use a lot of colors but sure does covey the painting very well.
    This painting will enhance the entire look of your desktop
  16. Synchronised Duo is a lovely painting showing two dolphins leaping in a very synchronized way against a calm blue foreground which is the water. This is a very aesthetic painting and would decorate your desk very beautifully!
  17. The Power of Divine- is a devotional painting. This painting shows a peacock feather, butterflies, flute all resting on fresh grass.
    Add a spark of faith and color to your desk with this beautiful desktop painting.
  18. The Waterwheel- is the painting of lovely house in autumn. It has a lovely color scheme of yellow and mustard. This is a pretty scene to get rid of your work in this for a little while!
  19. Thundering Hooves is powerful picture of horses. It portrays powers and strength. The color scheme makes this picture even more aesthetic to set it up on your desk.
  20. Waterfall is a soothing picture of a waterfall. This mesmerizing beauty will set you free from the chains of stress and work the moment you look at it! A lovely sight to behold. Order these today to enhance the look of your desks!
    Order today from the IMFPA website to make your desks look very refreshed and attractive!
Last Updated on :January 25, 2022

Desktop Paintings Price

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  • A drop of water
  • Rs.995/-
  • An Emperors Tribute
  • Rs.995/-
  • Ancient Voyages
  • Rs.995/-
  • Autumn Date
  • Rs.995/-
  • Autumn N horses
  • Rs.995/-
  • Basket of Daisies
  • Rs.995/-
  • Blooms n Butterflies
  • Rs.995/-
  • Breaking Dawn
  • Rs.995/-
  • Bridge on River Thames
  • Rs.995/-
  • Fluent
  • Rs.995/-
  • Hot Air Balloon In a Field
  • Rs.995/-
  • Naiads Abode
  • Rs.995/-
  • Pristine
  • Rs.995/-
  • Secluded Bay
  • Rs.995/-
  • Silent Night
  • Rs.995/-
  • Synchronised Duo
  • Rs.995/-
  • The Power of Divine
  • Rs.995/-
  • The Waterwheel
  • Rs.995/-
  • Thundering Hooves
  • Rs.995/-
  • Waterfall
  • Rs.995/-

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