Lars Höllerer

Mouth Artist



Lars Hollerer was born on September 27, 1969 in Uberlingen. In 1991, three months after completing his military service, he suffered a serious accident on his motorbike and has been paralysed from the neck down ever since. At Tubingen Rehabilitation Clinic, he made his first attempts at painting by mouth and later continued his efforts at home. “At first the brush often landed on the floor”, he says today. Later on painting became an important part of him. Lars Hollerer intensively devoted himself to further developing his skills as an artist and from 1997 he attended the public Art Academy in Muhlhofen for a few years. In 1999, Lars Hollerer became a Scholarship Holder of AMFPA and in 2005 he was granted the status of Associate Member.

Lars Hollerer occupies himself with a variety of themes and thereby develops his own unique form of expression, whereby he prefers to orient himself towards the style of his role model Paul Cezanne for his landscape paintings. Cityscapes and still lifes are the other subjects which he brings to canvas using oils, acrylics or mixed media. He delights children with his lovable, amusing depictions of animals and people in an unmistakably unique style. However, Lars Hollerer’s greatest passion is increasingly for nude painting, for which he has gathered an enthusiastic following both in exhibitions, and through his internet presentations. Lars Hollerer’s works have already been displayed in many solo exhibitions.


Lars Höllerer imfpa