Yongchun Wang

Mouth Artist


Yongchun Wang


Yongchun Wang was born on 8 September 1963 in Luxi. In the year 1982, he lost both his arms in an accident. Thus, by 1981 he began to write using his mouth and started to paint with his mouth in 1987. Yongchun’s painting style is strongly influenced by Naïve art. In 1991, Yongchun Wang became a VDMFK Scholarship Member, enabling him to attend the academy of calligraphy and painting in Xi’an, where he completed his studies in 1995.

Yongchun Wang’s paintings express intensive energy and skill interwoven with strength and simplicity. His birds, flowers and insects seem to come alive in his paintings. He mainly paints in watercolour. Yongchun Wang has already won several prizes and awards in his home country and abroad.