Kavita P.V

Mouth Artist


Kavita P.V


Kavita is from Kannur, Kerala. She was born on 14th December 1980 and is 42 years of age. Her family consists of her four sisters, a brother, and her parents. Kavita was affected by Polio when she was just a year old and since then she is unable to use both her limbs.
Due to her health issues, Kavita was unable to attend school so she studied at home and passed through her 7th-grade exams, however, due to her health condition she was not able to continue her education.
Kavita has not taken any formal education in painting or drawing. She is a proud self-taught mouth painting artist and now a very talented addition to the Mouth and Foot Painting Artist’s family, as a provisional artist

Looking back, Kavita started her artwork journey by creating embossed paintings and now she is trying watercolor. She got married 6 years back and her husband is also differently-abled. Life has been very challenging for her but Kavita never gives up on her dreams. Kavita’s positive attitude and motivated spirit is a source of inspiration for others as well!