Ashrita Iyengar

Foot Artist


Ashrita Iyengar


Ashrita was born on 24th November 2004. At the age of 9, she was diagnosed with Japanese encephalitis, a rare virus fever. She fell into a coma for about one and a half months and required ICU admission and ventilation. After waking up, she lost her ability to speak and the use of three limbs. She developed secondary dystonia due to the effects of the disease.

Despite facing these challenges, Ashrita has shown incredible resilience. She began using her right leg toe for typing on her mobile and later on a laptop. Over time, she started showing interest in painting and learned to create art using her toe. With determination and effort, she also improved her ability to walk, talk, and engage in various hobbies, such as learning Korean and Japanese languages, listening to music and much more.
She joined MFPA as a provisional artist on June 2023.