Prof. Fernando Fernandes

Foot Artist


Prof. Fernando Fernandes


Born on 29 October 1944 in Vitoria, due to complications at birth Professor Fernando Fernandes dos Reis was born with a dysfunction of his arms. From twelve to seventeen he worked as a street vendor. He then underwent in-patient treatment for his arms. In the hospital, he had the opportunity for the first time to learn how to paint with his feet. Fernandes dos Reis was also informed about the association. Only a short time later did the association grant him a Scholarship which enabled him to start studying art and making progress in this field. After art studies, he intensified his foot-painting activity.

He has been very successful from the beginning and has been granted several awards and distinctions. In 1992, he became an Associate Member of AMFPA. Since 2000, Fernando has been a Full Member of the association. The favourite motifs of Professor Fernando Fernandes dos Reis include, flowers, still lifes and landscapes. He mainly paints in oil. Since his first attempts as a foot painter, he has participated in several group exhibitions. As a consequence, national and international media have covered the foot painter on several occasions. At the moment, Fernando Fernandes dos Reis is teaching at the renowned museum “Casimiro de Abreu” in Barra de São João in the federal state of Rio de Janeiro.