Hiroko Kimura

Foot Artist


Hiroko Kimura


Born on 1 October 1937 in Manchuria, Hiroko Kimura became paraplegic when she was two years old. Since then she has used her left foot to carry out all her tasks. She taught herself how to write, draw and paint with it. In 1961, Hiroko Kimura started taking art lessons. One year later she was granted a scholarship by the Association. In 1970, she became a Full Member of the AMFPA.

Today, Hiroko Kimura works with the traditional forms and themes of Japanese painting and is highly competent in this field. The artist paints delicate motifs that depict mythological scenes, landscapes with staffage figures, flowers and animals. She became known in her country through her numerous exhibitions in Japan. The media have also done stories about her several times. The artist has participated in exhibitions all around the world.