Jean Michalski

Mouth Artist


Jean Michalski


Jean Michalski was born on 10 December 1936 in Belgium. At the age of ten, Jean climbed a utility pole together with friends and sustained severe burn injuries that both his arms had to be amputated. Soon afterwards he learned to write and paint holding a pen between his teeth. He perfected his skills and received a Scholarship from the Association in 1956. This enabled him to study at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Brussels. In 1960 he became a Full Member of the AMPFA.

Today Jean Michalski lives in the USA with his family. Jean Michalski paints in a very realistic and expressive style, with great emphasis on the brush-work. Among his favourite motifs are the landscapes, the sea and flowers. His works have won him numerous awards and distinctions and have repeatedly been mentioned in press reports and on television. His paintings have been exhibited in Brussels and in many other cities around the globe.