K. Narasimhalu

Foot Artist


K. Narasimhalu


Born on the 2 January 1975 in Andhra Pradesh, Narasimhalu was born with cerebral palsy and is unable to use his upper limbs. He has limited mobility in his legs too due to this congenital birth defect. However, he strived hard to pursue his studies and attended regular high school. Later he took up a multimedia course and completed it with flying colours. As a child Narasimhalu always had a love for art.

This love blossomed when he was very young and he taught himself to draw and paint with his foot. Soon he became an accomplished artist and was known for his unique ability to paint with his foot. He has done several solo exhibitions and has participated in group shows in South India, making him a popular figure in South India. Narasimhalu is a member of MFPA since 2007.