Kevin Bruce Griffiths

Mouth Artist

New Zealand

Kevin Bruce Griffiths


Born on 25 April 1964 in Auckland, Kevin Bruce Griffiths broke his neck in a diving accident at the age of thirteen. He has been a quadriplegic since then and is paralysed from his chest down. In 1991, he started to paint with his mouth. He learnt the techniques by taking private painting lessons. Only one year later, he was granted a scholarship by the association which enabled him to intensify his painting activities. Since 2001 he has been an Associate Member of AMFPA. Kevin Bruce Griffiths mainly paints landscapes of all types, applying colour generously.

In general, he paints in acrylic colours. However, watercolour is also part of his repertory. In his natural paintings, he expresses his personal vision of beauty and freedom. His works were presented to the public at several exhibitions in New Zealand and on other continents. Furthermore, Kevin Bruce Griffiths received numerous awards and distinctions for his works, such as the gold medal of the “Royal Agricultural Society” of New Zealand and the “Bruce Hopkins Memorial Art Award” three times.