Bracha Fischel

Mouth Artist


Bracha Fischel


Bracha Fischel was born in Zurich(Israel) in 1959. After school, she became a nurse. In 2006, she fell ill with rheumatoid arthritis with spinal involvement. The result of the disease was quadriplegia with myelopathy. While painting was once just a hobby for Fischel, while exploring a rehabilitation centre, she discovers her talent and art as a true passion. She learned the basic types of painting, strengthened the muscles to guide the brush and pen securely between her teeth, and continued to practice at home. In October 2007 she started a correspondence course at the Hamburger Akademie, with the help of which she developed into a successful mouth painter. 


“Painting helped me cope with my new life situation. Although I can not do many things anymore, I have found the strength to develop myself, “says Fischel. She regularly exhibits her works in Switzerland and Israel. She prefers to paint scenes from her Swiss homeland. In her unmistakable style, she creates landscapes, flowers and trees in acrylic, watercolour and oil. In addition to painting, she lectures in schools, nursing homes and kindergartens or in front of wounded soldiers. She has been a VDMFK scholarship holder since 2014.