Veronika Svatosová

Mouth Artist

Czech Republic

Veronika Svatosová


Veronika Svatosová was born on 21 Jan 1987 in the Czech Republic. Until the age of thirteen, she lived like other children, but during the 2000 holiday, she fell from a tree and has been completely paralyzed ever since. She followed the example of a similarly injured colleague Tomáš Janoušek: very soon after her accident she began to write and paint with her mouth, and also learned to use a computer.

Veronika joined VDMFK as a scholarship member in 2002. In 2006 she graduated from high school and in 2018 she successfully completed Korean at Charles University, thus fulfilling her dream. During her studies, she stayed at the University of Seoul for three months. Veronika currently lives with her family in Karlovy Vary.