Rosaleen Simmonds

Mouth Artist

Great Britain

Rosaleen Simmonds


Rosaleen Moriarty- Simmonds was born on 5 December 1960 in Great Britain. She was born without arms or legs as a result of her mother having been prescribed the drug Thalidomide during pregnancy; this has not prevented Rosaleen from leading a full and active life. She graduated from Cardiff University in 1985 with an honours degree in Psychology. In 1995, Rosaleen established the RMS Disability Issues Consultancy. She has brought disability and equality issues to the attention of many eminent members of the South Wales business and entertainment world through her business and community work.

Having always enjoyed art, Rosaleen is delighted to have been accepted by the Mouth & Foot Painting Artists Association as a Student Artist in 2013. She is particularly proud of the very successful Exhibition held in South Wales in May 2014, and of her first solo exhibition in August 2014. In June 2007, Rosaleen completed and published her autobiography – Four Fingers and Thirteen Toes. Re-published in 2009, the story continues through Rosie’s regular blog at