Ryosuke Nishioka

Mouth Artist


Ryosuke Nishioka


Ryosuke Nishioka was born on 24 July 1954 in Ondo-machi Oki-gun. He broke his neck when doing floor exercises during a gym lesson at the age of 17. He has since been unable to move his legs and has only minimal use of his arms. Subsequently, he spent two years at a rehabilitation centre for the severely disabled, where he also started to paint with his mouth. In 1981, he received a scholarship from the Association. Since 1994 he has been an Associate Member of the AMFPA. The drawings for children created as illustrations for children’s books are an original series of works by Ryosuke Nishioka.

These drawings express perfection and imagination which constitute a valuable addition to the world of contemporary illustrations for children’s books. A very independent sense of humour and trenchant wit characterise the crayon drawings. One is amazed by the free and easy lines and the serenity of the images, which would not make you expect a person so grievously afflicted behind these drawings for children’s books. Ryosuke Nishioka has had the opportunity to show his works to the public at personal and group exhibitions. Apart from painting, the artist plays the harp and Japanese chess.