Devotional Paintings

‘God is everywhere!’
Religion is the most widely believed, talked and debated topic in the entire world.
They are different Gods that people worship and believe in, and depending on that, there are different customs and traditions followed by people of different religions.
Amongst so many contrasting and conflicting views on religions, gods, spirituality, one thing which most of the people believe in is having faith on the divine.

Life is unpredictable and sometimes what life throws at us cannot be understood and in times like these we like to console our hearts by saying there is someone above us who will make everything better.
And we like to remind ourselves and our near and dear ones to be thankful to god in better times and to not lose hope and wait for the better in bad times and this we do by reminding ourselves of the divine power ruling the universe from above the skies.

Devotional paintings are put up in homes, offices or workplaces, worship rooms and places, hallways, waiting areas, meditational centers etc. in order to remind ourselves and our near and dear ones of the existence of god, his mercy and hope. We at MFPA bring you a range of devotional paintings that can be put up in your home or office spaces. These devotional paintings are painting with strokes of hope, and emit positivity and motivation for you. They come in vibrant colors to fill your day with brightness.

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Buy devotional Paintings Online

In these challenging times, we know how important it is to stay home hence we bring to you an opportunity to shop our range of MFPA devotional paintings and much more from the comfort of your home. Without stepping out of your safe environment, you can select your choice of devotional painting and we will get it delivered to your door step safely.

Best devotional paintings from India

MFPA offers you a range of devotional paintings for religions widely practicsed in India and according to the beliefs of India people. MFPA offers a range of devotional paintings for Christians, Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs and other major beliefs.

Paintings of Christian art devotional are usually of topics related to Jesus, narrative scenes from the Life of Christ, paintings of Jesus and Mary, paintings of Christmas celebrations and paintings depicting the story behind Christmas. These are most common themes, subjects, and scenes for paintings in Christanity the art of mostly denominates Images of the Virgin Mary and saints.
Some of the famous paintings of Hindu art are vibrant paintings of Hindu gods and goddesses, like Krishna, Saraswati, Natraj, Ram and Sita, Durga, Hanuman etc.

Different paintings convey different meanings, some paintings depict the love of ram and sita while some portray the power of durga, some potray the naughty Krishna stealing butter while some portray calming figures of god’s blessing.

Devotional Paintings with IMFPA

Paintings of Radha Krishna

depicting different activities and scenes from their lives. Portraying Radha and Krishna, the couple most celebrated for their extraordinary love story. Radha and Krishna paintings are the most bought paintings in India.

Paintings of Natraj

Nataraj depicts a Hindu God Shiva as a dancer. Lord Shiva is called as Nataraj because it depicts a single image lord Shiva’s versatile identity of the creator, preserver and destroyer of the universe. It conveys the never-ending cycle of time.
These paintings are mostly hung outside homes, or on the entrance or main front door of homes or offices.

Paintings of Hanuman

are also very popular among households that follow the religion Hinduism. Hanuman is widely worshiped in India and also one of the most sold painting subjects.

Ganesh Paintings

are also one of the most popular paintings of Hindu devotional paintings.

Paintings of goddess Lakshmi, Durga, Saraswati

These paintings are also one of the most popular paintings as devotional paintings. They are often hung in prayer rooms of the house. Different goddesses depict different meanings, from power, to education etc.

Paintings of resurrection

These are popular among the Christians.

Painting of Jesus and Mary

These are also one of the most popular paintings among Christians. The paintings of Jesus and Mary include deferent scenes from Christ’s life like Jesus’s birth, resurrection, Christmas paintings etc.

The Christ crucification

This is also one of the major painting subjects among Christians. It is hung in homes, prayer rooms, Christian institutions, offices, hallways etc.

Paintings of the holy Kabah and Madina

These are popular among the Muslims around the world. Kabah is the house of Allah and the supreme worship place of Muslims all around the world. Madina is the birthplace of the holy Prophet Mohamed (Peace be upon him). Since the worship of figures and faces is prohibited in Islam only pictures of these two are put up in Muslim households or Arabic calligraphy.

Paintings of Guru Nanak and The Golden Temple

These are popular among Sikh people in India. Guru nanak is widely worshiped and his teachings followed by sikhs and peace lovers. Golden temple is the holy place of Sikhs and is visited by thousands of people.
You will easily find paintings of all these topics by our MFPA artists on our website.

Significance of devotional paintings

Light up your house with positivity, devotion, spirituality and hope with these devotional paintings from MFPA!
When you wake up looking at these paintings and get a thought in your mind right in the morning that the divine force ruling the universe is looking after you, that anything that happens to you good or bad will be looked upon by your lord, and your mind and heart instantly fills up with feelings of love, hope, motivation and positivity it instantly lights up your day. And you will be calm and positive throughout the day.

Today when 381 suicides are reported in India each day according to National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) data, it is very important that fill not only ourselves with positivity and good thoughts but also people around us. Today when, unemployment, bad grades, poverty, health issues, bankruptcies are so common and everyone is sure to experience one these their lifetimes probably more than once it is very important to not let hope leave our side. Believing in something unseen is a bit tough but when you do and leave everything to the divine will, you also feel light.

History of devotional paintings

Christian art and paintings are a sacred art that uses themes and imagery from Christianity depicting the life, stages, struggles, crucification of Christ and his relationship with Mary etc.
Hindu art encompasses the artistic traditions and styles culturally connected to Hinduism and have a long history of religious association with Hindu scriptures, rituals and worship.
Hinduism, with its 1 billion followers, makes up about 15% of the world’s population. The hindu culture is full of different aspects of life that are effected by art. There are 64 traditional arts that are followed. Since religion and culture are inseparable with Hinduism recurring symbols such as the gods and their reincarnations, the lotus flower, extra limbs, and even the traditional arts make their appearances in many sculptures, paintings, music, and dance.

Shipping and delivery of our MFPA products is done with utmost care and with trusted partners.
MFPA offers you a range of unique and beautiful devotional paintings that are sure to impress your guests and which can be treasured for ages. Here you are sure to find the perfect devotional painting to match your home or office interiors.
These devotional paintings by MFPA are not only unique but very special too.
What makes our MFPA products so special? MFPA’s uniquely talented artists! These paintings are made by our special and uniquely talented MFPA artists who have lost their hands or the power to use them as a result of either an accident or birth deformity. MFPA trains these specially abled and uniquely talented individuals to draw and paint breath-taking art and sells this art to sustain their livelihood.

Indian Mouth and Foot paintings artists is an organization that supports individuals MFPA is an international organization and it has a beautiful presence of 30 artists who make beautiful paintings and are under the constant support of the organization.

Don’t miss out this beautiful range of devotional paintings offered by MFPA and bring home your daily dose of spirituality, motivation, hope and happiness.
You can find all famous paintings here and devotional paintings are also a perfect gift if you are looking to gift it to someone!

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