Diwali Greeting Cards

Customer Testimonials

  • N J Jail

    "Your paintings are extremely outstanding. All of them have a fantastic creative ability. I have no words to record my earnest appreciation and to express my noble sentiments."

  • Rev. James A Gomez, St. Thomas Church

    "Congratulations!! In a vast country like India, these artists may actually get lost in a crowd but your effort of promoting their artistic abilities will go a long way in encouraging them and building their lives"

  • Yasmeen Shaikh

    "I appreciate these beautiful paintings created by the artists with their mouth and foot. They have indeed grown wings, in the absence of arms."

  • Col IN Khanna

    "I received my calendar. Every painting (artwork) is amazing and excellent. Their dedication speaks for itself."

  • Anil Mehta

    "I like the cards which are made by your artists. they are beautiful and I also use them on many occasions!!"

  • K U Somaya and Family

    "We’ve been receiving your calendar and cards religiously for the last 10 years. We admire the amazing work done by the gifted artists, it’s beautiful!"

Diwali Greeting Cards Online

Looking for Diwali greeting cards online? At MFPA, we proudly offer an extensive creative collection of Diwali greeting cards to make your Diwali celebration on Sunday, November 12th, 2023, truly special. Our online Diwali greeting card selection is designed to capture the essence of Diwali, and we provide a wide range of options to suit every taste. Diwali greeting cards allow people to express their warm wishes, share blessings, and spread love during this special occasion. Let our Diwali greeting cards symbolise the joy and happiness of this festive season. Choose MFPA for buying Diwali greetings that shine as bright as the festival itself.
Whether you need Diwali greeting cards for personal use or for your business, we offer bulk ordering options. It's a convenient way to spread joy and appreciation to a larger audience. Buy Diwali greeting cards to enhance the festival of lights with heartfelt messages. The festival of lights is a time to celebrate with loved ones and illuminate lives. Buy Diwali greeting cards to illuminate hearts and homes with your warmest wishes on this festive occasion.

Send Diwali Greeting Cards Online

Easily send MFPA Diwali greetings by selecting from our online MFPA Diwali greeting card collection. Celebrate Diwali, the festival of lights by sending your best wishes to friends and family with our beautiful MFPA Diwali greeting cards available online. Whether you prefer traditional MFPA Diwali cards or modern designs, we have the perfect MFPA Diwali greeting card online for you.
Sending Diwali wishes through our cards will not only brighten someone's day but also enhance the bonds of love and friendship. The festival of light is indeed a festival of relations, bringing people closer and fostering meaningful connections. So, share the joy and strengthen your relationships with our MFPA Diwali greeting cards.

List of Diwali Greeting Cards Available Online at MFPA

Explore our extensive list of Diwali greeting cards available online at MFPA. We offer a diverse range of online Diwali greeting cards, each uniquely designed to convey the spirit of Diwali. Our online Diwali greeting cards showcase traditional motifs, vibrant colours, and heartfelt messages, making them perfect for sending warm wishes to your loved ones.

Diwali Greeting Price
Shubh Diwali ₹295
Festive ₹295
Festive Colors ₹295
Love and Celebration ₹295
Lantern Diwali ₹295
Rangoli Diya ₹295
Happy Diwali ₹295
Savoring Diwali Bliss ₹295
Diwali’s Light Bearer ₹295
Radiance ₹295

Why Buy Diwali Greeting Cards Online from MFPA?

As we delve into the world of online Diwali greeting cards, let's also shed light on an incredible journey. At MFPA, we proudly support artists who've overcome tough challenges. These individuals faced accidents, birth defects, or illness, rendering them unable to use their arms. But they didn't give up; instead, they lit up their dreams and crafted stunning arts.
The artwork of mouth and foot painting artists are reprinted on our Diwali greeting cards. Buying these Diwali greeting cards online spreads light not only in their lives but also in yours and your family's.MFPA's mission extends beyond borders. Your purchase of Diwali greeting cards online helps connect people worldwide through the universal language of art and the celebration of festivals like Diwali.
When you choose to buy Diwali greeting cards online from MFPA, you not only celebrate Diwali, with style but also contribute to a noble cause. MFPA supports artists worldwide, enabling them to earn a dignified living through their artistic talents. Your decision to buy Diwali greeting cards online from us is a meaningful step in supporting these artists' independence and creativity. Your online greeting card purchase brings joy, fulfilment, and inspiration to their lives, making your Diwali celebration even more meaningful. Join us in this impactful online journey, choose from our beautiful Diwali greeting cards online, and let's illuminate the world together with the spirit of Diwali.
Looking for Diwali gifts? Want to send heartfelt Diwali wishes? Our Diwali greeting cards convey your warmest wishes perfectly. The artwork featured on our Diwali greeting cards is truly unique and memorable. Sending these cards to your loved ones adds a touch of individuality and thoughtfulness to your festive greetings. Buy Diwali greeting cards online, and let's make this Diwali, a celebration to remember.

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