Sarah Talbi

Foot Artist



Sarah Talbi was born in Brussels on September 23, 1982. She came into the world with no upper limbs. She considers her difference as a strength as it allowed her to create a world of possibilities: to start by making her feet real hands, thanks to which she can write, drink, eat, study, work, draw … Simply live. Sarah is a very adventurous person in nature. By travelling to places out of her comfort zone in her homeland and exploring the job market, she pursues everything that gives her a different task to challenge. 

Later when Sarah discovered her passion for drawing, she was thrilled. Her self-taught naïveté explores and discovers forms, perspective, shadows and colours. For professional pursuit she took classes at the Academy of Fine Arts in St-Josse, and the monthly courses of Pierre Sentjens. Sarah joined VDMFK as a scholarship member in 2016.