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Notebooks have always been a part of everyone’s lives portraying different roles at different stages of their lives. Some people prefer to write their hearts out and writing is a form of expression for them while some prefer to organize their workload beforehand in a notebook. A fancy and colourful notebook is what looks good in the hands of college students while decent notebooks are preferred by office going people. Notebooks have now been transformed into pretty stationary items everyone loves to have. Pretty stationary items are the new trend and people of all age groups love to have beautiful stationary items.

These colourful and beautiful notebooks are a must have for everyone. If you are a stationary lover, these pretty notebooks are hard to resist.

Mouth and Foot Painting Artists are not common artists but super talented people who possess the magic to paint without their hands! Yes, you read that right, these artists paint either with a brush in their mouth or they paint holding a brush with their feet. Hence, these artists are not only talented but also super special. MFPA is an organisation which supports these artist by reprinting various products with their paintings and selling them, the profit of which goes to the artist.  You can check out their collection and the magic they create with their brushes here.

  1. Executive Notebook – A simple yet elegant and stylish executive notebook best for office and work use. Comfortable to use and stylish to carry. Stand out in your office meetings with this elegant piece of stationary. Buy yours now.
  2. Floral Flip Notebook- beautiful floral printed notebook. Express your passions of writing, doodling or use it for organizing your work or speaking out your heart. A lovely and stylish carry for the college students. Hurry, grab yours now.
  3. Journey Notebook- If you love collecting beautiful stationary then this one’s for you! A breathtakingly beautiful printed notebook for your college, work and personal use. Book your now.

Writing is a form of expression and many people write to express themselves.  Cute and stylish stationary collection is also a very popular hobby nowadays and collecting and using beautiful notebooks tops the list.  For Youngsters these kind of notebooks are a great help for educational purposes. These notebooks are also very stylish and cute to carry around. For Working people notebooks these notebooks are a saviour in office meetings and office organisation. You never forget another meeting by noting down all important deadlines and dates in these notebooks. Homemakers can main a list of budgets and groceries etc in notebooks.

Even though notebooks are never a waste no matter what age group, gender, occupation are use they are bought for, hence here are a few advantages and benefits of maintaining a notebook.

  1. A hard to lose hardcopy – you may lose a screenshot or picture of some notes or important numbers but you will always have them with you if you note it down in a notebook. Notebooks too can be lost but have lower chances than a picture in your phone. Next time you need to note down an important address, or anything pull out that paper and notebook!
  2. Paper vs. screen – writing notes on a phone will only increase your screen time. Whether you want to note down something important for a meeting or just write your heart out increased screen time will just have more adverse effects on your eyes and health.
  3. No battery scare- with notebooks as compared to phone or other electronic devices you will never be scared of the battery running low. Write as much as you want. Also, no worries of charging the device or carrying power banks with you.
  4. Writing is good for your mental health- when you vent out like nobody is watching it releases stress, tension, anxiety and converts all of these negative emotions to positive ones like calmness, positivity, satisfaction, peace and happiness. Many therapists also suggest their patients to journal about their feelings to not only better understand them but also to analysis and control them.
  5. Writing is faster than typing. Many students and employees still prefer to jot down the important points of a lecture rather than typing them because writing is faster than typing and saves time. Often while juggling between battery, multiple windows, typos etc you are sure to miss out a point or two.

6. Notebooks are a must have-In all the lists on the internet for ‘what you must carry in your handbag’ or ‘must haves for women’s purse’ never end without a notebook! A notebook is a must have if you love being outdoors. Whether you want to doodle something when waiting at a traffic signal or the rain splashing against your window seal sparks a beautiful poem in your mind, a notebook will safely store all your secret thoughts and treasures.

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7. Writing in Notebooks Activates Brain More than Using Gadgets- A Japanese team researched and concluded that writing in paper notebooks leads to stronger brain activity when recalling schedules rather than using tablet terminals, smartphones or other electronic gadgets. This conclusion was also reasoned by a team member saying, “This is probably because there are more things impressed on memory, such as the places where letters were written and sensations of touch,” together with schedules, said team member Kuniyoshi Sakai, professor at the University of Tokyo.

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8. A perfect gift! Notebooks make for a perfect gift for any age group! Everybody loves stationary and everyone has different uses for notebooks but everyone loves to have them. Weather it is friend’s birthday party or something to gift your grandfather notebooks are the safest option. Recently Hope for Children, a Community Care Project of Believers Eastern Church distributed notebooks to around 90 underprivileged school going children in Gautampur Village under Diyun Circle.

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Even though, we are switching from paper to screens, from novels to e-books, and from scribbling notes in notebooks to typing notes in our gadgets notebooks still are the favourite of many. Some traditional ways are never to be forgotten. And notebooks with the passage of time have only evolved into very beautiful and aesthetic stationary items.

You are sure to love a few of our notebooks from MFPA, whether you are working person or want something to just write down your poetry you are sure to find something for everyone!


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