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To take care of your employees working endlessly and loyally for your organisation, or taking care of your boss or colleagues is  one of the best and most compassionate things to do in the work place they definitely deserve the best corporate gifts.

The most time we spend out of home, is in the office and the most of the time we spend away from our family, we spend mostly with our colleagues.

It is very important that we take care and express love for our colleagues or employees as it also encourages a healthy workplace environment and better productivity and the Mouth and Foot Painting Artists, brings to you an amazing corporate gifting experience with its range of best corporate gifts.

Mouth and foot painting artists is an internationally recognized organization for the specially abled. MFPA runs with a motto of ‘self –help not charity’. The Mouth and Foot Painting Artists, supports and makes the dreams come to reality of many specially abled artists. MFPA trains artists in mastering the art of painting and gives them the platform to earn a respectful livelihood and earn the true worthy appreciation for their beyond beautiful paintings. The mouth and Foot painting artists are people who have lost their hands or feet either due to a birth deformity or to an unfortunate accident, leaving them with broken dreams. These specially abled artists paint holding a brush in their mouth or feet. These artists possess unimaginable talent and spirit that is unbreakable.

Their desire to earn not only a decent livelihood but also, confidence, and recognition of their true worth is what makes them superheroes. These artists are a true source of inspiration to all others.

MFPA is a platform where these artist’s products are sold and given a platform. Not just paintings but a lot of products have been reprinted or have been inspired by these artist’s art works and sold on their online platform of Mouth and foot painting Artists.

A thoughtful gift goes a long way in building relationships and making bonds stronger and in the corporate world, one know how valuable each relation is. Our curated range of best corporate gift products and hampers are statement pieces that are inspired by minimalism and designed to make a mark in the heart of the special person you are gifting. Choosing best corporate gifts are even more special as you choose gifts for your second office family with whom you spend most of the day with. Very carefully curated and personally handpicked products form the best corporate gifting range by MFPA.

MFPA eases your work and brings to you a range of handpicked best corporate gifts for your office family.

Greeting cards

MFPA’s best corporate gifts, greeting Cards with beautiful paintings on them will make a warm gift to your employees or colleagues. Greeting card is one of the best surprises you can have for someone especially if you do not know them well enough to know their choices, hobbies and favourites. Greeting cards is the best choice and the best corporate gift you can give. Be it a birthday, a festival or a personal or professional milestone they just reached, celebrate it MFPA greetings cards and make the moment memorable. Check out the range of greeting cards made with extreme love of our supremely talented MFPA artists to give your office family the best corporate gifts. This is the best corporate gift if you are looking for something decent, budget friendly and aesthetic at the same time. These gifts by MFPA will remind your employees how important they are and will be a kind gesture showing the much needed appreciation they deserve.

Desktop paintings

One of the best corporate gift options to beautify the office desks and make the working space a happy one. An office desk is where an employee spends most of his/her time and to keep the desk happy, motivated and fresh will keep the employee in high spirits and also, improve productivity levels too. Desktop paintings are the best corporate gifts you can choose for your employees, colleagues, or boss. MFPA offers you a wide range of best corporate gifts, amongst which are the DESKTOP PAINTINGS. To decorate your work or study table, this desktop painting from MFPA artist is the best. Well framed, it is a good gift to anyone and everyone. The Best Corporate gifts are the way of showing gratitude to your business partners and customers. Corporate Gifts are a proven and effective way of strengthening relationships. They are meant to grow business ties and ultimately result in more fruitful working relationships. Find best corporate gifts with MFPA and enjoy a next level  gifting experience.


We at MFPA bring to you a wide range of best corporate gifts for your special employees, to brighten up their day! We understand how important each employee is to its organisation, how valued he/she is and thus we also understand how personalised and special the gift choice should be for them. The best corporate gifts should be decent, thoughtful and something which will make their corporate life happy, easier, their desks more aesthetic and appealing to work on. A best corporate gift is given by a company to employees, potential clients, charities, customers, or suppliers to make relationship more stronger. Corporate gifts help express appreciation on behalf of the company, and also acts as a memento and a goodwill gesture. The unique and best corporate gift also signifies that the company values the relationship between them and the other party. With stationary items being at the top of the list of most used items in an office we bring to you specially curated products for your very special office family. MFPA brings to you the range of merchandise of best corporate gifts to give you best gifting experience ever.MFPA brings to you some high quality notebooks that give you the best writing experience. These MFPA notebooks are printed with some amazing paintings made my MFPA’s very talented artists and definitely make up the best corporate gifts you can give.  You can find a range of corporate notebooks, and printed notebooks for office use. The prints on these notebooks are just breath taking and anyone is sure to fall for them!Notebooks are one of the best corporate gifts to gift your employees, colleagues or boss. The MFPA range of best corporate gifts also brings to you a range of beautiful pens, amazing pen-stands, pretty coasters, and desktop calendars for the best office experience ever.  Gifting somebody stationary products is one of the safest and best corporate gift ideas as everyone uses stationary and also loves it. The smart pens offered by MFPA will be the perfect mate for your official meetings and to sign your official documents with ease and smoothness.Checkout the range of elegant pens from the range of best corporate gifts by MFPA.The amazing and colourful pen stands offered in the range of best corporate gifts range by MFPA will add a spark of colour and brightness to the boring desk. Having a sunny and bright desk to work on will leave the employee very motivate and happy.People love decorating their desks and these MFPA pen stands will be a great addition to the desk. Check out the range of colourful pen stands from the best corporate gifts range by MFPA.MFPA also has a range of pretty coasters under the best corporate gifts range. People often like to work sipping their favourite coffee or a cup of steaming ‘kadak chai’ and they would love coasters as a gift! Coasters would definitely make the best corporate gift for anyone. Do check out pretty and cute coasters by MFPA in the range of best corporate gifts.Another fool proof and best corporate gift is desktop calendars. For running with the clock and being punctual, everybody definitely has a desktop calendar on their desks. Desktop calendars with MFPA help you stay organized, at the same time add an aesthetic value, and beautify your desk with the beautiful paintings in these calendars. With amazing paintings created by our talented artists and motivational quotes on every page, our 2021 desktop Art Calendar is the perfect gift for your employees, business associates or loved ones. These desktop calendars by MFPA are a pleasure to the eyes and definitely make the best corporate gift choice.Do check out the art calendars as they make the best corporate gifts for your employees.


we at MFPA care about you and hence bring to you the best corporate gifting range. Do checkout our newly launched category of fashion best corporate gifts to find some amazing and fashionable products to gift. Under the fashion range, we bring to you wide and attractive range of beautiful Ties, attractive Cufflinks and unique Pocket Squares that make you value professionally productive. These best corporate gifts exhibit beautiful paintings curated by our talented mouth and foot painting artists, the designs on these products can be personalised as well as co-branded.Fashion is very important, the way you dress speaks a lot about the person and a lot of offices also have a formal dress code, and with this fashion range of best corporate gifts offered by MFPA, now you can look fashionable stylish in formals or office wear too. These lovely products from MFPA are imprinted with the unique and breath-taking paintings or artworks of MFPA artists and make these products even more valuable. You definitely have to check out the range of fashion best corporate gifts!

Your employees, colleagues, or boss is going to love these beautiful and elegant additions to their wardrobe!

Reasons for corporate gifting range from thanking long-standing customers for their increased business activities to recognizing a valued employee for outstanding work contribution and to strengthen the relationship.

Corporate Gifting also builds and strengthens relationships and corporate gifts for clients and business partners is an excellent way to keep in touch. Studies suggest a very positive effect of corporate  gifting on business as  it also influences feelings of reciprocity and trust. Hence with proven benefit corporate gifting has a lot of advantages, even if you or your organisation have done it in the past, it’s never too late to appreciate the efforts of your employees or colleagues by the best corporate gifts.

Best Corporate gifts offered by MFPA are the perfect choice if you are looking for something decent, budget friendly aesthetic and useful at the same time. These gifts by MFPA will remind your employees how important they are and will be a kind gesture showing the much needed appreciation they need.

Check out MFPA best corporate gifting range for a unique experience and spoil yourself for a never before choice of best corporate gifts. MFPA understands the uniqueness and the special position each employee, client, business partner has in an organisation and hence the special treatment and gifts they deserve hence choose from the best corporate gifts available on MFPA for them. The personalized best corporate gifts range offered by MFPA offer the quality of sincerity. Engraving their names on a fountain pen, for instance, makes the gift so much more personal and special to the recipient. These best corporate gifts offered by MFPA are budget friendly, they stay within your budget. The type of corporate gift products and the manner to give to the clients will depend on the level of business relationship you have established with them.

Best employees and business contacts deserve the best corporate gifts!

Shop for the best corporate gifts from MFPA and maintain and strengthen your most valued relation with the best corporate gifts!

MFPA offers you a never before best corporate gifting experience.


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