Demetrio Herrera-Olivares

Mouth and Foot Artist


Demetrio Herrera-Olivares


Demetrio Herrera-Olivares was born on 14 May 1932 in Pachuca. He was born without arms. From childhood, he had to perform certain tasks with his feet. In 1950, he started painting with his right foot and he was pretty good at it from the beginning. In 1964, Demetrio was granted a scholarship by the association. This gave him the opportunity to dedicate himself completely to painting.

Demetrio painted in relevance to the Modern Mexican School of Art. He devoted most of his paintings to the landscapes of his home country. With great realism and clarity, he was able to depict the warmth of his surroundings. People of his country was another favourite subject of his. He displayed his works to the general public in a series of individual and group exhibitions in Mexico over many years. The mouth and foot artist passed away in 2015.