Gonçal Pinto Borges

Mouth Artist


Gonçal Pinto Borges


Gonçalo Aparecido Pinto Borges was born on 8 January 1952 in Novo Horizonte, with a deformity of the arms. He has had to perform various tasks with his feet and mouth from childhood, developing considerable skill in doing this. He received a scholarship from the Association at the age of 18, which made it possible for him to intensify the joy he experiences in painting. Gonçalo is an exemplary master in several techniques. He uses watercolour, Indian inks, acrylic and oil as well as the mosaic technique to create pictures that stand out for their striking, glowing colours.

He became an Associate Member of the AMFPA in 1999, which has and is providing him with increased opportunities to exhibit his work. In the past, he showed his work to the public in both one-man and joint exhibitions principally in his homeland Brazil, in the meantime has also participated in numerous exhibitions abroad. In addition, he has made video films in which he demonstrates his skills and presents reports by and about him.