Margaret Greig

Mouth Artist


Margaret Greig


Born on 15 March 1937 in Moruja, Margaret Greig contracted polio and became a quadriplegic at the age of thirteen. Since then she has been confined to the wheelchair. During her long stay in the hospital, she started painting and writing with her mouth. Ever since, the pleasure she takes in painting has grown steadily. She finds even more richness in painting now than when she first began to discover the quality of life through art. Margaret Greig was brought up on a farm before her illness and loves all animals, particularly horses and cows. They have been her subject for many paintings. Most of her paintings also depict the country scenes.

Flowers are another characteristic feature of her oil and tempera paintings. In 1971 she was granted a Scholarship by the Association. Only nine years later she was accepted as a Full Member of the AMFPA. This gave her the opportunity to make her works accessible to a broad public at many exhibitions both in Australia and all over the world. In addition, she frequently demonstrates her ability to paint to interested groups and in shopping centres. She also visits schools in order to talk to the children and show them how to paint with the mouth.