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Behind every innovation and every idea is an inspiration that led us to it. For years, humans have been using animals as inspiration for everything from fashion to architecture. Animals and nature have inspired our fashion industry and fashion shows more than anything else has ever done, and man vs. wild has been the most loved theme in the fashion industry for as long as one can remember now! As far as one can date back, even during the times of early humans, humans directly used animal’s skins as coverings or clothes and wraps. As the world and society modernized, we still do take inspiration from animal skins and reprint them on fabrics instead of directly using skins.

Animal inspired prints have always garnered attention and have been in fashion for longest time. It displays sophistication, style and versatility. Noticeably, this trend never seems to fade and always rules the fashion world and other sectors. Animal prints are the rage of current times and find its way in party wears, coats, skirts, handbags, lingerie, watches, and accessories and even in home furnishing textiles.

Animal inspirations are also famously associated with the automobile industry as well. Be it flying planes in the air or naming a car brand by an animal or using an animal in the logo. Animal inspirations are also very much used and loved the interior designing industries. Using animal textures interiors or animal inspired furniture or accessories is hugely famous.

Animal print clothing, are garments with patterns of the skin or fur of animals such as that of leopard, cheetah, zebra, tiger, Giraffe, Striped Hyena, African wild dog or monkey. Animal prints have remained popular since ancient times and there are many reasons for it.

This season, MFPA brings to you a range of Man vs. Wild, animal inspired fashion for men range, where MFPA offers animal inspired products for men.

MFPA is an internationally recognized organisation, which runs with a motto of ‘self –help not charity’. MFPA not only trains specially abled artists in mastering their art but also gives them the platform to earn a respectful livelihood and the true worth of their unimaginable talent. MFPA artists are people who have lost their hands or feet either due to a birth deformity or to an unfortunate accident, leaving them with broken dreams. These specially abled artists paint holding a brush in their mouth or feet. These artist’s poses unimaginable talent and spirit.

Their desire to earn not only a decent livelihood but also, confidence, and recognition of their true worth is what makes them superheroes. These artists are a true source of inspiration to all of us.

MFPA is a platform where these artist’s products are sold. Not just paintings but a lot of products have been reprinted or have been inspired by these artist’s art and sold by MFPA.

This season MFPA brings to you the Man vs. Wild; fashion for men category. The man vs. wild category offers a range of products for men from the MFPA products that have been inspired by animals and nature. The products offered in this Man vs. Wild collection have been, imprinted, embossed and painted with animal inspirations.

Men’s leather wallets

Check out Men’s leather wallets collection in the Man vs. Wild range that has been inspired by animals.

One of the most essential accessories for a man is a wallet! It is said that a wallet is a portrayal of the man’s taste. MFPA brings to you a range of Man vs. Wild men’s wallets that are classy, smart and very spacious. These products of the man vs. wild collection are sure to keep your notes, coins, and cards all safe and tidy.  Men’s wallets are an essential item which is in everyday use.It has to be made of good quality material for it to last quite long and also look stylish and make people stare every time you have it out of your pocket. If these are your expectations with your new wallet then these leather wallets from the Man vs. wild collection are the perfect match! Made with high quality leather these are sure to not let you down!

Man vs. wild range of MFPA wallets check all these boxes of your expectations.

Check out Men’s leather wallets collection inspired by animals and nature, in the man vs. wild collection. These wallets are made with high quality leather to give an amazing durability and quality life to the product. These sturdy and smart wallets from the man vs. wild range have been embossed with a beautiful and cute butterfly on them, which is sure to melt your heart!

Wallet (Black)- Men love Black wallets and in this Man vs. Wild collection you can check all the boxes of your expectations for a wallet! Sturdy, durable, amazing colour, we have it all! The tiny embossed butterfly is for the soft hearted person inside every man! This black wallet is an animal inspired product from the man vs. wild collection.

Wallet (Brown)-  brown wallets are as loved as black wallets by men.  And in this Man vs. Wild collection we bring to you this leather product you are sure to fall in love with! The gorgeous colour, the sturdy material and long promised durability are all the features of this amazing product.

Wallet (Tan)- this light coloured delight will be your favourite accessory, we promise! Inspired by the animal kingdom this product too is a part of the Man vs. wild collection. It is a perfect choice if you are looking for a gift for your dad, brother, boyfriend, husband or friend, they are going to love this one from the man vs. wild collection!

Unisex T-shirts

Also, a part of this wild, uproarious, unrestrained and mesmerizing collection inspired by animals in the collection of man vs. wild are unisex t-shirts! Make sure to check these man vs. wild range of unisex t-shirts definitely!

  1. Brave soul unisex t-shirt –This unisex t-shirt from the man vs. wild range is a charming navy blue T-shirt is an inspiration from the king of the jungle himself! The Lion print of this T-shirt will leave you nothing less than awestruck! This product is a part of the man vs. wild range and inspires one to be brave!
  2. Swoop unisex t-shirt– This grey unisex T-shirt from the man vs. wild collection has the print of a white bird in flight. This unisex T-shirt of the man vs. wild range inspires one to aim for a free spirit.
  3. Stay calm unisex T-shirt– this grey T-shirt has a beautiful print of a reindeer on it. This product of the man .vs. wild collection inspires one to stay strong and be calm. This one for the hard-core animal lovers! Perfectly fitting for the theme of ‘man vs. wild’.

Desktop and Wall Paintings

More from the range of man vs. wild are a few desktop and wall paintings inspired from the animal kingdom which are a must have for any animal lover! These beautiful paintings capture the wilderness, strength, sharpness, beauty of nature and animals. These lovely paintings can find place on your desktops, office walls, home interiors etc, or also make the perfect gift!

  1. Autumn N horses – is a mesmerizing desktop painting from the range of man vs. wild. What makes this a part of the man .vs. wild collection is the perfect portrayal of the horses in the painting. The brown horse with backdrop of the green meadows is a perfect picture to put on your desktop! Do not miss out this item from the man vs. wild range!
  2. Essence of life – a part of this man vs. wild collection is this beautiful and mesmerizing desktop painting that its beauty sure to distract you from all your work if it sets on your desk! The painting is of a beautiful pink butterfly stealing nectar from pretty pink flowers in the backdrop of a lovely garden of flowers! You are sure to fall in love with this one from the man vs. wild collection.
  3. Angry Leopard – is a powerful wall painting from the range of man vs. wild sure to leave one in Goosebumps! The painting is that of an angry leopard caught in the middle of his roar! A typical one in the collection of Man vs. wild. This painting would definitely leave a lasting effect if put on your office walls.
  4. Barnowl – is an artistic pic in the range of man vs. wild. Every stroke in this painting is beyond perfection. If you are a true admirer of art, this one from the man vs. wild collection is sure to find a place in your home!
  5. Bisons Foray– a true man vs. wild collection product. This painting would look lovely in hanging on the walls of your home and office! Also, would make a perfect gift for an animal lover!

Before you check out do not miss the last two very essential products of the man vs. wild collection.

MFPA handkerchiefs

Animal inspired MFPA handkerchief from the man vs. wild range of products, with a print of a very artistic camel on them. Handkerchiefs are one of the essential items men should not step out without. These handkerchiefs come in very handy on hot sunny days, or to wipe the mess sometimes we end up in to lending it to your ladylove in times of need!


Men’s Handkerchief (Set of 3)

Gel Pens

Also, a lovely and funky addition to this amazing category of man vs. wild products are these cute set of pens, one can’t go without! Everybody should carry a pen with them no questions asked! And from our range of Man vs. wild we bring to you these animal inspired set of gel pens you are sure to love! These funky pair of pens have elephants printed on them and are necessary have for a funky spark to your look!

Gel Pen (Set of 3)

Check it out here.

Many car manufacturing brands have named their brands or car models  after animals, a few very famous of them being, JAGUAR, SKODA, FORD MUSTANG, Volkswagen beetle,  VOLKSWAGEN TIGUAN, PORSCHE MACAN, LAMBORGHINI URUS .A lot of car brands have animal in their logos or animals inspired advertisements as an inspiration from the wildlife! Man vs. wild theme is rules a lot of sectors and industries.

The automobile brands advertise for their inspiration in their product from the speed, swiftness, power, sturdy body, and quietness from animals. While the fashion industry claims to draw inspiration from the styles, prints, rawness, comfort, naturalness and colourful nature of the animal skins. Cheetah, zebra and tiger prints have always been the people’s favourite animal prints but a lot of others are there as well.

If it is to be considered as to why animal printings and inspiration or as to why the theme of man vs. wild theme is so loved in the fashion industry, firstly it is because everyone loves unique things and there were considered expensive and extraordinary. In the earlier eras, kings and the royal elite have used rugs and different textiles made from animal skin. They have displayed animal skin or animal heads in their interiors as precious items, which is a symbol of royalty and high status. Coats made from unusual African fur were worn by members of royal families and elite class of people during olden times, which also indicated their royal status.

In the past few decades, celebrities and fashion designers have played a major role in bringing animal print and wild life and reviving the theme of man vs. wild, inspired fashion into mainstream fashion. This evergreen trend is loved by all and the apparel market is flooded with variety of animal prints and man vs. wild themed outfits. Bengal tiger stripes and black and white Dalmatian spots were in fashion last year. However, leopard print is the classic flavour of this season and rules the current fashion scenario.

‘Leopard prints never lose their spots or station in fashion’ – IMAN

From Harry Styles to Shahid Kapoor, and from Ranveer Singh to Vicky kaushal both Hollywood and Bollywood male celebrities  have been clearly showing its craze for animal inspired outfits and loving the theme of man vs. wild!

‘My weakness is wearing too much leopard print’- Jackie Collins

Animal print and man vs. wild trend has been heating up fashion shows since a long time. Even recently, many designers and brands like Roberto Cavalli, Diane Von Furstenberg, DKNY, are seen promoting their own fashionable versions to showcase their animal print and man vs. wild collection. Burberry displayed amazing giraffe and leopard print collections whereas giraffe print ankle boots by Boden were loved by all at the Autumn/Winter 13 show.

The best feature about animal print is that it has been reinvented time and again. These prints come up with a new trend every season, and are never old. Animal prints can be worn, irrespective of the season, weather, style or occasion. Moreover, many people think that women alone can wear animal prints, but the fashion world has offered animal print garments for men as well.

Animal print is a neutral’ – Stacy London

People love animal prints because it is gratifying to the eyes and brings out the wild side of a human nature. Moreover, one can find so many different patterns of animal prints in the market that everyone gets a pick of their choice.

Do check out our entire range of products in the man vs. wild; unleash the creative fashion collection specially curated for the animal lovers. In this man vs. wild collection you are sure to find something for everyone, from a products that portrays the power of a lion to a product that showcases the gentleness of a butterfly, this man vs. wild collection by MFPA has something for everyone!


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