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Recent times have seen a sudden surge in including scarves in women’s outfits.

All thanks to social media influencers and celebrities, scarves are now an important accessory no woman wants to miss. Scarves can totally transform your look from something simple and every day to a stylish outfit. Nowadays the interest and attention on an outfit is equally placed on the cloths as well as the accessories.

Scarves are now the punctuation of great accessories and they are also an easy style statement. When it comes to women’s fashion, scarves have been the most popular and never-fading fashion trend since ages. And always in line with latest fashion trends, the mouth and painting artists (MFPA) brings to you a range of fashionably stylish and comfortable scarves for your everyday use.

MFPA is an internationally recognized organisation, proudly running with the motto of ‘self –help not charity’. MFPA trains specially abled artists in mastering their art and gives them the platform to earn a respectful livelihood and the true worth of their unimaginable talent. MFPA artists are people who have lost their hands or feet either due to a birth deformity or facing an unfortunate accident, leaving them with broken dreams. These specially abled artists paint holding a brush in their mouth or feet. These artists poses unimaginable talent and spirit.

Their desire to earn not only a decent livelihood but also, confidence, and recognition of their true worth is what makes them superheroes. These artists are a true source of inspiration to all of us.

MFPA is a platform where these artist’s products are sold. Not just paintings but a lot of products have been reprinted or have been inspired by these artist’s  art and sold by MFPA.

If you are somebody who is new to the concept of scarves and are curious to know about this trending fashion accessory here is your stop. If you want to know how to wear them, where to wear them, where has this concept of scarves originated from, what type of scarves are available in the market, and the uses of scarves you are at the perfect place, read on!

Here is the range of MFPA specially designed scarves to elevate your outfits and transform your look completely. These beautiful scarves been reprinted with the breath taking paintings made by our uniquely talented MFPA artists. These scarves are made with the best quality material, they are made of 100% Polyester Twill and have Rolled Edges for a hassle free experience. The reprints of the MFPA artist’s paintings have been digitally printed for best quality of scarves.

  1. Blooming bud – This cool blue scarf that captures the beauty of a new prepossessing phenomenon. The budding flowers on this beautiful accessory inspire us to trust, aim and achieve bigger and better. You can pair it up with a casual outfit and look your exquisite and graceful self at best. You can pair up this beautiful accessory with any tradition or western outfit and give your look a blooming brightness.
  2. Faded bouquet – This sky blue digitally printed scarf is the perfect outfit partner to glam up a dull or an everyday plain outfit and give it a mesmerizing and modish splash. Wear the beauty of faded flowers around your neck and inspire the world with your style! This scarf is a gorgeous go-to on a basic day and adds a touch of captivating beauty that will make heads turn. This floral digitally printed women’s scarf is a must have in the wardrobe for the floral lovers. You can style this cool accessory with a white plain long kurti or on a short kurti with jeans.
  3. Floral impression – This fresh and beautiful floral-painting inspired scarf depicts the beauty of single colour prints of beautiful red and blue. The most gorgeous catch about this bright scarf is that it can be worn and flaunted 2 ways. For a classic and luxurious look, turn on the bright red side and for an elegant and sophisticated look, turn on the chic blue side. Get ready to look heavenly on all occasions with the flowery beauty of this scarf. The light background colour of the scarf makes it compliment any outfit you style it with.
  4. Line art ombre – This beautiful modern art Line Art Drawing printed scarf depicts the ombre effect in an awe-inspiring dual-tone of pink and white colours. This scarf adds the casual, fun and jolly touch to your outfit while keeping your style completely vogue. You can pair it up with a classic t-shirt on denim outfit or a basic summer dress. This scarf will add lively beauty to your outfit and make you look charming and cheerful. It will be an interesting and attractive accessory to your outfit.
  5. The French window – this bright and lovely yellow scarf draws its inspiration from the painting of a beautiful and timeless old French Window. This sunny one here is to take the aesthetics of your everyday style the next level! The pastel shade of pale yellow mixed perfectly with the neutral tone of beige sets the mood right for a fancy brunch or a delicious breakfast. You can also team it up with your formal outfit and rock that presentation at work with a classy outlook. Bring out your elegant side and let it do the talking!

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Scarves are many women’s favourite accessory. Scarves are multitalented and can be styled in a number of ways. It is very important that all women know the different ways to style scarves so that they never get bored of it.  Let us see some different and stylish ways to pair a scarf well with western attires. We at MFPA want you to know all the ways you can flaunt your beautiful scarves!

The Choker style scarf

Scarves can be worn around the neck like a choker. This can elevate your style game even with dull boring office attires. You can use the choker style to wrap your scarves on western as well as traditional outfits.

With a back Tie styled scarf

Old is gold and this very old style of wearing scarves never goes out of fashion. This style is very old but evergreen. A scarf tied at the back goes well formal outfits, trenched coats, long coats and all other types of coats.

As a Belt

Scarves also have this amazing use where they can be worn as any accessory. They look amazing when worn around the waist like a belt. They are as stylish as the classical belts. Scarves can be worn as belts on any outfit, they go well with a casual dresses, T-shirt and T-shirt dresses etc

Hair Bow or Tie style scarf

As said earlier, scarves are multi talented and fit into any role you give them. They can be worn as any accessory.

Scarves can be used to hold your hair up high can liven up your ponytail or hair bun.

As a Hair Band

Tying up your beautiful scarf with a bow in front or at back as a hair band is definitely a huge trend this season. Pairing it with a large sunglasses is the perfect look for any holiday.

Scarves are not only western accessory but can brighten up any indo-western dress too. Scarves add an indo-western look to a simple kurti by simply wrapping it around the neck or it can also be carried as a dupatta. Scarves can even be used as a knotted necklace over an indo-western attire.

In the summer season it’s time to scarf the season up, these scarves can protect you with the scorching heat and also enhance your outfit with wonderful vibrant colours. Read on to know how many types of scarves are available

Types of scarves

  1. THE TRADITIONAL SCARF – These are the evergreen thick scarves which are used to keep oneself warm in winters. These are considered as cold-weather classics. These traditional scarves are rectangular in shape. These types of scarves are made of specific materials like wool, cashmere, mohair, and some other warm fabrics, which serve the purpose. These scarves look good with pea coats, bomber jackets, and nearly all types of coats and winter clothes.
  2. A BLANKET SCARF – These scarves have always been trending. These are usually oversized and are something between a scarf and a blanket. Blanket scarves are usually square in shape, made of thick and cosy fabrics that keep the body warm along with maintaining the style quotient. These type of scarves can be styled best with streamlined, fashion-forward outfits and winter wear.
  3. A PASHMINA – These scarves are versatile with exotic roots, originated from Persia. These pashmina scarves were traditionally made from the famous cashmere wools. The pashminas can be made from a variety of fabrics. The Pashmina scarves are really light-weighted and gauzy. They can enhance the look of any basic Tee and jeans outfit by adding color and extra emphasis. These scarves come in a variety of bright colours.
  4. A SILK SCARF – These scarves are the typical retro scarves. They are extremely pretty  with elaborate patterns, they have luxurious, lightweight properties, and serves as a gorgeous accent piece of the latest fashion culture. They can be accessorized well by tying it around the neck for a sleek sophisticated look. This scarf is known to make a strong style statement and make heads turn.
  5. A SOCCER SCARF – These are the scarves that are trending. They are long and rectangular knit scarf usually featuring fringed edges along with bold stripes, club crests or team names. These can be paired well with bombers or puffer jackets. They come in bright and radiant colours.
  6. A DOUBLE SILK SCARF – These are sleek, lightweight accessories, typically rectangular in shape. They are known to gorgeously add sophistication to any outfit. They can also be worn well over a suit and jacket

Uses of scarves

Women’s scarves play an important role than just elevating your look, scarves they make a you feel comfortable, and warm when worn winters. They are known as a women’s best friend maintaining the fashion bar high, and is sure to be present in every women’s wardrobe.

The uses of scarves can be many, and here are some of the reasons why women adorn scarf-

  1. Scarves in hot areas and countries are adorned to protect head and face from the scorching sunlight. The scarves protect the women of hot nations from heat strokes, tan and direct exposure to the sun.
  2. During winters, the scarf is worn around the neck for warmth.
  3. Many major religions promote covering the head with a scarf as a practice while they recite their prayers or some even as a daily practice.
  4. In Indian fashion scarves are used by women to cover their chest and head, and this category of scarf is called dupatta.
  5. Arab and Muslim women use scarf to cover their heads pertaining to religious beliefs, and these are known as Hijab.
  6. Now a days, scarves are worn on the head, covering the hair, to keep the hair intact and in place, and protected from sunlight, dust pollution etc.
  7. Scarves are also used as a belt and other accessories to give a more fashionable touch to the outfit.
  8. Scarves also have a huge aesthetic value and are used to beautify women’s bags.
  9. Specific type of scarves can be worn by a group of people to distinguish them from others, for example, stripped scarves are adorned as the part of uniforms in the schools and universities of Britain.
  10. Very recently, scarves have become a symbol of protest; scarves are being worn around the neck, to show solidarity towards Palestinians.

Famous Pakistani Actress Mahira Khan sporting a headscarf to show support for Palestine.

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With the new technologies emerging and fashion and people’s taste and preferences constantly changing, scarves will continue to evolve in design, colour, and creation. Their history has taught us that they are here for a long run in the International as well as Indian fashion industry, scarves will continue to be at the forefront of fashion for many years into the future.

We at MFPA make sure you get the best quality product hence you will not have to think twice before adding them to the cart.


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